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Filthy sex?

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Lurkin · 18/06/2022 12:08

I am 50 but have spent a lot of years in a sexless marriage. Since being single I’ve been keen to experience new things sexually and to really explore and find out what I like.

I have recently met a guy who I would like a fwb relationship with, he is very sexually experienced and obviously I’m not. He mentioned wanting us to have filthy sex. I have realised I have no idea what this means!

I know he enjoys ass play, which is new to me. No idea where to start. I don’t even know where the prostate is!

I don’t really have any hang ups but even though I have explained my inexperience to him, I would at least like to feel reasonably competent. Any tips please?

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Justanotherguy2021 · 18/06/2022 13:02

I was in a sexless marriage for years too.

I was lucky, and found someone more matched to my libido.

We've had a few long conversations about what we like & don't like ...
We both ended up reading a lot, actually spent a while in adult chat rooms exploring ideas.

Work out what your soft & hard limits are, although you'll probably find they change over time as you explore more.

The most important thing is to communicate, and try to stick with the SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) rule... And most of all have some fun !

theotheralf · 18/06/2022 15:52

I would suggest getting proficient at vanilla sex as a couple first before you branch out , if anything to make sure you are comfortable .enjoy x

EndersGame · 18/06/2022 16:15

Full communication is vital. Understand exactly what each of you want and need from this and be clear on what is and isn't acceptable
Never be afraid to say no, but if you are curious always try it twice just to be certain.

oh and have fun

Lurkin · 18/06/2022 16:19

@Justanotherguy2021 thank you. That’s great advice. So glad you are having fun now. Gives me hope 😊

@theotheralf thank you. We definitely don’t have a problem with the vanilla stuff. We are well suited and can talk about anything. I just want to make sure he has plenty of fun too.

OP posts:
Lurkin · 18/06/2022 16:20

@EndersGame Thank you

OP posts:
SparklingStars10 · 18/06/2022 17:26

It’s not always about having the most filthy sex, it’s the connection/chemistry, reciprocal pleasure and passion that matters the most.

Whatliesbeneath707 · 18/06/2022 17:50

Look up Jenny Keane on Instagram. She also has a website & offers online workshops that you can join anonymously.
Enjoy yourselves.

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