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watching p*rn in a relationship

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girlshelpxx · 17/05/2022 18:26

Hi girls i wanted some advice, i'm a F and have been going out with my boyfriend a year now but still sometimes mastrbate & watch prn, Idk why i just do... me and my bf have a perfect sex life we do it almost everyday and sometimes 3/4 times a day. Although this makes me feel so guilty as he doesn't do it. He openly told me he doesn't need to as he has me and it makes me feel bad. My partner pleases me and i have no issues at all with our sex life. Also, this isn't often this is like once every month? maybe longer but i still feel guilty that i've been doing it. is this normal? am i cheating? should i feel bad????

also he doesn't know..
let me know girls :( thank you

OP posts:
Furrbabymama87 · 17/05/2022 19:30

It's natural. He probably masturbates too. Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you can't think about your fantasies and get yourself off without your partner being involved. I am married and happy with my sex life but I masturbate a lot as I'm always horny, though I don't watch porn. It's not cheating.

AnuSTart · 17/05/2022 20:54

How could masturbating by yourself be cheating??!!!

If you are having sex daily then maybe he doesn't but I can almost guarantee he does. It's an unusual person that goes longer than a year without masturbating.

How old are you? No offence intended at all, but I think you need to grow in confidence with yourself and accept your own needs. Are you orgasming with him always? At all?

Kitten2 · 17/05/2022 21:23

Bet you a million pounds he does the same. More often. Don't worry.

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