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Have you felt different about penetration?

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Evans18 · 16/03/2022 21:46

I had sex with Someone new about 6 weeks ago.
I’ve just not felt the same down stairs since , he had a huge girth of penis I thought I’d like it , it wasn’t as good as I may have thought - so this has definitely changed my perception for the future.

I felt a lot of pelvic pressure about 2/3 days after.
It’s now like i said 6 weeks and I feel like where I could feel my g-spot area before has moved down.
I don’t know
I keep thinking I’ve got a partial prolapse .
I did go the sexual health clinic , she said my cervix were really red.
So this was a bit worrying - they didn’t have a doctor there that day. I’m thinking do I go back or do I go the doctors !
This just feels so embarrassing !

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Annwen · 16/03/2022 22:08

Did he have a condom on?

Evans18 · 17/03/2022 09:13

Yes he did

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Annwen · 17/03/2022 14:50

So you should be pretty safe from STI's then. But a thicker than normal penis shouldn't of itself be causing these symptoms. Had it been a while since you'd last had sex? I've noticed that those times when I'd gone a month or more without sex I'd feel rather strange down there for a while after I did it again - just the body not being used to to being entered, I suppose. Or maybe things had been going on in your body since you last had sex and doing it that time just made you aware of them. Needs checking by a doctor I'd say anyway.

Evans18 · 17/03/2022 19:09

Humm not sure - I still did all the sti tests and they were negative , yeh I was a good while since I’d had sex.
I dunno it’s a little weird.
Maybe I’ll ring the docs and get myself looked at

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