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Anal - poppers

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FridaynightCry · 12/03/2022 18:18

Love the idea of anal, have tried a few times, sometimes it's successful and sometimes it isn't. When it is successful it's incredible.
A friend mentioned poppers. Has anyone tried this? Is it legal and where do I acquire? Plugs etc do work somewhat but it's a chore at times!

Any advice?

OP posts:
daisyjgrey · 12/03/2022 18:27

The last thing you want when you're having any kind of sex is a horrific headache, which is what poppers will give you.

virgospirit · 12/03/2022 21:29

Amyl nitrate? Don’t bother. Waste of time, massive head pump and you’ll feel like shit after. Enjoy your anal when you can feel everything properly is my advice 🙂

spongebobscaredypants · 25/03/2022 12:20

Me and OH use poppers all the time and it definitely helps relax and loosen up. Even PV, it's like sex in HD

DaSilvaP · 19/07/2022 15:12

Tried once - all I got was a massive headache that wouldn't quit for ages. Manage perfectly well without.

Thisismysexforumname · 19/07/2022 17:00

I love poppers for pegging, not too much, just a little. As PP said its like sex in HD. Doesn't work for everyone tho, it gives DW a massive headache and she doesnt feel any benefit from them.

Sex shops sell them as room deodorisers. Usually about a fiver a bottle.

TolkiensFallow · 19/07/2022 20:10

I recommend an anal dildo. Soft one or vibrating one that your partner can get turned on using on you. I find it a million times more effective than a plug.

Pinklimey · 24/07/2022 19:28

Please read up on what amyl and alkyl nitrates do to your brain before you consider using them.

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