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Clitoral vs Vaginal Orgasms

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NmChg1 · 01/02/2022 13:20

What is the difference between a clitoral and vaginal orgasm? I’ve never experienced a vaginal one but would like to.
Are there certain positions to help with vaginal orgasms?
I’ve also read that vaginal orgasms are more likely with a bigger penis, is this true?

OP posts:
Bluejeansbaby · 01/02/2022 20:47

Very different but both amazing.
Clitoral organisms, for me, are really intense and then I feel an incredibly satisfied feeling afterwards (I’d be happy to end the session then!).
Vaginal orgasms are also intense but in a different way, and they often leave me wanting more. I can have vaginal orgasms though my partner using his fingers or me going on top reverse cowgirl style.

MrsGHarrison87 · 01/02/2022 23:20

For me my most intense orgasms are clitoral, especially with a vibrator. Nothing beats that sensation for me, just so satisfying. I can come vaginally, it's easier with a larger penis though certain positions can help with an average size. I've been with a couple of men with a small sized penis and did not get anywhere close to orgasming.
For me it's the same kind of release but not as intense. It doesn't seem to peak to the heights of a clitoral orgasm but goes on for longer. Strangely I seen to have more intense vaginal orgasms when I've got a full bladder.

MisterT373 · 02/02/2022 00:11

I once read somewhere that a clitoral orgasm feels "stabbing" whereas a vaginal feels 'spreading"

Obviously I cannot speak from experience

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