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Do toy have period sex?

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DementedPanda · 23/01/2022 20:21

Just that... I always feel horny at the end of my period. Is it messy and yuk?

OP posts:
MrsGHarrison87 · 23/01/2022 22:04

At the end when I'm light, yes. But not usually the rest of the time as I don't like the mess. My periods are too heavy.

B1rdflyinghigh · 24/01/2022 07:19

You could always use Gynotex sponge tampons for sex. You'll find them on Amazon.

AverageGuy · 24/01/2022 09:36

I've never had a problem with period sex. I would probably use a condom if it was heavy.

cool4cats2020 · 24/01/2022 12:03

Doesn't bother me at all, but current partner thinks it's grim so we don't do it.

Hawkins001 · 26/01/2022 23:32


Just that... I always feel horny at the end of my period. Is it messy and yuk?

When my ex wanted to try it due to being horny, it was a little bit messy.
UtterSocks · 27/01/2022 18:19


You could always use Gynotex sponge tampons for sex. You'll find them on Amazon.

@B1rdflyinghigh what are these? And how does it work with having sex during a period? I’ve never heard of them …
B1rdflyinghigh · 27/01/2022 22:21

They're softer than a tampon. But do the same job. If you search Amazon. There will be reviews. Harder to remove than a tampon as there isn't a string. But they are good.

zarek · 27/01/2022 22:49

It just another body fluid. In my experience it's not as messy as you might expect and particularly towards the end

ComtesseDeSpair · 28/01/2022 00:20

We’ve never had a great experience with the sponge sex tampons - DP has always been able to feel “something” that isn’t comfortable, however I’ve tried to position them during insertion. A diaphragm actually does a much better job for me - so also worth a try, unless your periods are incredibly heavy all through..

Usually we just put down a towel though and avoid changing position too much, which stops the bedroom looking too much like a crime scene.

B1rdflyinghigh · 28/01/2022 07:16

I have used the diaphragm too. I agree, that also works well.
I think it depends on the man.

BunsOfAnarchy · 30/01/2022 11:43

On day 1-3 we do it in the shower (I'll clean first) and then lighter days we put towel down, I'll come straight out of the shower so less blood and he wears a condom.
Its weird because I never had sex whilst on period and thought it was gross to do so until I met DP.
Its not gross and not messy as long as u do the right prep.

bluecandicane · 30/01/2022 23:40

We just use a towel. It's only messy when he pulls out and I then feel all this warm blood flow out and down my butt crack. Have to clean up before I move save getting it on the carpet. Have been particularly heavy of late though. The shower sex sounds like a better idea.

strawberrrycheeesecake · 01/02/2022 22:02

I can't think of anything I'd like to do less! I'd rather have a few days off and have sex when I'm not on my period.

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