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Photo shoot

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andjustlikethatimfilth · 20/01/2022 19:07

So I've name changed as you hopefully understand!

I want to do a photoshoot for my husband. Not a boudoir shoot, something a bit more hardcore. I've tried to Google it, but just keep getting pornhub recommendations.

Is there such a thing?


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Snoozysnoozy · 20/01/2022 19:15

D.I.Y and a really good friend?

andjustlikethatimfilth · 20/01/2022 19:16

Want it to look a bit more professional... smudge the bad bits out 🙈

OP posts:
Shunter350 · 20/01/2022 20:41

Try looking under Glamour photoshoot, Adult photoshoot. Something like that.

PinotPony · 20/01/2022 20:52

There's a section on Fetlife for photographers and models to match...

I met a photographer on there and had some beautiful photos taken at an abandoned quarry... I obtained references from other models, took a chaperone and made it clear I was there just to be photographed. Be safe!

Namechangednorth · 21/01/2022 05:52

I think if you search Glamour photographers you are more likely to have problems as that is their core trade. You maybe better searching for Boudoir and review their websites for professional photographers and not some amateur.

What you will find is that some (not all) will when talking you through the shoot are happy for you to carry on and have some nude/more risqué type shots during the second half of the shoot. I did a pre wedding type set for my future DH and this was offered as part of the package. I was aware it was an option as a friend had recommended them but I wasn't sure I would want to do that

The studio was professional and not seedy in any way. Wasn't something to decide on before, you could just decide how you felt during the shoot and what you wanted to do. Did a nice job photoshopping (didn't want to use the word touching up lol) some aspects for me. In the end I felt comfy enough and did some really sexy stuff, undressing slowly, holding knickers to one side etc. really nice result.

I would just search some locally, ask to call in and chat and see how you feel. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't

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