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Boudoir photos

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helsoftroy · 10/01/2022 17:55

Wondering if anyone has done a boudoir photo shoot ... or more erotic nudes etc with a professional photographer? Tips on choosing a photographer, how did it go and how did you check security eg keeping photos confidential etc. Thanks

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PinotPony · 10/01/2022 20:43

I used For Your Eyes Only in High Wycombe. Female team, all very relaxed but professional.

I got an email a week later advising my photos were ready to view. I had to enter my password (which I'd input into their system after the shoot) to access the images. Having cried a bit in disbelief that was actually me looking all sexy, I ordered prints which were sent by recorded delivery.

Would highly recommend.

Freddy12 · 10/01/2022 20:56

We had a (female ) friend take ours, was lovely, fun and relaxing
We are all naturist so it really was no issue for us all
The pics were on our camera, we printed at Tesco! And are in our wall - absolutely love them it has captured us beautifully

pinkorchid1 · 29/01/2022 21:33

I've never had them but if I did I would definitely choose a female photographer . A guy I used to work with offers boudoir photography as a side job. He came across as a big perv at work so would definitely put me off ever choosing a male photographer!

Namechangednorth · 30/01/2022 07:42

Definitely go for a professional studio. If you Google the you will find plenty of semi pro men and I would steer well clear.

I think female is more likely to make you relaxed for the shoot...did me especially as boudoir pics can be either spends of the scale of risqué and you will prob not know how risqué you will be until there, doing the shoot and seeing how comfortable you are.

Same as @PinotPony, all password protected. Professional studio and set up. Nervous at first, relaxed very much so as it went along.

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