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Labiaplasty and Sex

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Lady088 · 31/12/2021 16:48

Please no judgemental comments.
I am thinking of having a labiaplasty done privately, I was wondering if anyone has had the procedure and how and if it impacted sex after the procedure. I know the risks involved but I wanted to ask people who had experienced it and how things were after.

OP posts:
B1rdflyinghigh · 31/12/2021 19:41

Could you advise why you wish to have this operation?

Namechangednorth · 01/01/2022 03:51

I recall a documentary on a young women who had this done. She described it as having a "hanging ham". She had a lot of pain and bleeding after the op but also the follow up on her was she was very happy and had a Barbie like appearance.

I can't recall if this one was in Embarrassing bodies but they have covered it. You could see on You Tube

I haven't had done so sorry can't personally advise although I can understand that just from girlie (drunk) chat, I know friends that want or aspire to the neat innie look. My DH always compliments how I look which says to me a certain pressure on those who have lips on show more, especially when shaved or waxed

Lady088 · 01/01/2022 13:21

Thank you for the replies.
It’s not to appease my partner, he actually likes the look of how I am and is actually quite against me having this done but will support me if it makes me happy. Mostly it happened after the birth of my second child, everything kind of went outwards, I think this is fairly common but no one really talks about it. I’ve noticed now I am getting UTI’s more, I feel it can be hard to keep clean during a period and just generally am more self-conscious about it. I think the question I’m asking more is if it impacted sex after, I know there’s a period where you can’t have sex but whether it affects the general sensation.

OP posts:
B1rdflyinghigh · 02/01/2022 00:54

Are you sure it's not some sort of issue between your vaginal/ anal wall. Id suggest talking to your GP first.

Lady088 · 02/01/2022 16:49

It’s definitely not an issue with my vaginal/anal wall. My labia has always been prominent, after the birth of my 2nd child it got even worse. It causes me to lack confidence, both in costumes and generally during a period I find it harder to keep clean, I’m also sure that it’s the reason why I’m prone to UTI’s, I struggle to enjoy oral sex because I am aware of how things are, this is nothing my partner has said, he’s happy with how things are and he doesn’t understand why I feel the way I do but is happy to support me with my decision. I also spoke to my doctor who tried to reassure me I was normal. I wish it didn’t bother me, i really do.

OP posts:
FlagFlaps · 07/01/2022 15:09

Hi there, I’ve had this done. It has only impacted my sec life positively, as I feel more confident in the bedroom now. The first time I had sex 8 weeks after the procedure, everything felt very tight. That went away however!

Lady088 · 07/01/2022 15:21

@FlagFlaps Thank you for responding, I am glad it went well for you. I hopefully will book a consultation soon and see where we go from there, hoping it’s something I can have done before the end of the year. Do you know what the approximate costs are, all clinics seem to vary? Thanks.

OP posts:
FlagFlaps · 10/01/2022 12:11

Hi, I had mine done for about £2000 but most places were £4000 at that time (they have probably all gone up since then, it was a few years back). Many places want you to have a general anaesthetic which pushes the price up. A local is suitable for this procedure though if you are happy with that.

bongobingo43 · 03/02/2022 22:21

Hi @Lady088
I'm thinking of getting this done too so I searched for posts to hear about real life experiences.
Have you been for a consultation?

EarthSight · 06/02/2022 18:16

Unless you absolutely have to, avoid. I've read that some surgeons, even today, are still uneducated as to how complex that region is. Clitoral nerves spread out quite a bit and your lips will contribute to your overall circulation. The whole area is so delicate and easy to fuck-up - can't imagine dealing with a complication or infection.

EarthSight · 06/02/2022 18:18

Also, keep in mind that private companies will have their judgments impacted by the money they get.

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