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Clitoral spreader jewellery ?

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HaggisBurger · 14/09/2021 11:21

Didn’t know this was a thing but it is … on Etsy etc. Has anyone successfully worn it? I have quite a tucked away small clitoris and would like it to be a little more exposed during sex (obvs finger work for that to a degree) . There are bdsm versions of these … and much less hard core kinds

OP posts:
B1rdflyinghigh · 14/09/2021 17:22

I have a clit clip, leather labia spreader and metal labia clamp. Or is this something different? I've searched, but couldn't find anything like a clit spreader. I haven't tried the clit exposer as it seemed too expensive for what it was and I wasn't convinced it would stay in place.

I'd buy from Ebay as they're cheaper there.
The clit clips are good once they're on.
The metal clamp works well with a pin point vibrator.
The clamps with the faux leather straps are ok if you're size 14 or under, as they're made in china and the ladies there tend to be very thin. They look good, the clit is definitely easy to get to. I wouldn't suggest sex with any, they're definitely more for foreplay.

Violet869 · 14/09/2021 20:29

My bits (clit and labia) are quite hidden too, so not sure how it would work.

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