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Absolutely soaking

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goldstandards · 14/09/2021 10:14

I've just nc for this as I have different threads going and I don't want them linked.
After a coercive, sexually and otherwise marriage ended a couple of years ago, I thought I had died from the waist down.I never believed I'd be intimate with any man ever again.
However I did meet a man a year ago and my body has done a 360.
I love sex again but here is the problem... I am continuously dripping wet from the time that he starts to touch my body until I cum.
The fluid drips all the way down my
Legs and I'm mortified. He loves it !
Could this be wee? It doesn't smell like wee but the gushing is particularly 'bad' if we are standing up.
My pelvic floor ain't what it used to be but don't have any continence issues. I'm 48 and have had three vaginal
Deliveries. Thanks

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goldstandards · 14/09/2021 14:49


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Mysticguru · 14/09/2021 17:04

It's absolutely normal. The fluid is PSA from your Skene gland (female version of prostate gland) It's usual for a woman to lubricate whilst being turned on.
If it was happening at any other time I.e. when your not turned on I would advise getting it checked.

thumpingrug · 14/09/2021 22:34

Hi, bloke here. Wow that sounds so sexy. No wonder your partner is loving it. Just go with it.

PinotPony · 15/09/2021 09:10

Totally normal. Puppy pads are a godsend!

OrlandointheWilderness · 18/09/2021 14:31

Hello! I have the same with my bf. He's a relatively new partner that I fancy more than anyone else I've ever been with and I'm basically shocked how much..wet there is 😂!
I was embarrassed about it, he absolutely loves it. It certainly wasn't a problem in previous relationships but bugger me 😂

CosmicUnicorn · 18/09/2021 16:23

Isn’t that a form of squirting although less of it?

AtticusHoysAnus · 19/09/2021 06:56

Personally I would love this and find it a huge turn on.

I'm sure the vast majority of men in this situation would.

Themadcatparade · 20/09/2021 17:38

Same with me, I used to have to lube up loads with my past partners but with my current one I am wet from the moment I look at him 😂 even if we are just having a conversation and I have a naughty thought! Sex can be interesting and we always have to change the sheets afterwards . I can feel myself ‘pressure gush’ sometimes when he’s inside me which is a weird and wonderful sensation. He loves it.

Embrace it!

Abhannmor · 21/09/2021 12:39

What is PSA short for?

PartTimePoster · 21/09/2021 13:28

From a male perspective - Wetter the better!

Enjoy yourselves - And buy some extra towels Wink

Mysticguru · 21/09/2021 14:27

Prostate Specific Antigen

Eesha · 26/09/2021 19:01

Asking for a male point of view, why is this appealing? I cringe at the squelching sound of someone entering me, and actually I dry myself off before the action begins so to speak because I'm embarrassed!

dogfishman · 27/09/2021 13:23

Because it means you're really turned on, which most absolutely men love. Squelch away!

dogfishman · 27/09/2021 13:23

men absolutely

Abhannmor · 29/09/2021 16:43


Prostate Specific Antigen

I thought only blokes made it. Interesting!
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