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Need a recommendation

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Feelinggoodvibrations · 28/08/2021 09:46

Help, I’ve been looking for ages for a specific type of vibrator. I can orgasm through fingers and oral pretty easily but never achieved one through PIV. It’s something I really want to get to and I need some help with a toy we can use together.
I got a womaniser and I couldn’t feel it on the lower settings and it was too much on the higher settings. I think I need a more rumbly sensation than buzzy. I’ve been looking at toys and as I got it wrong with the womaniser, I just want to get it right this time.
Any recommendations would be amazing, thanks!

OP posts:
Inthesameboatatmo · 28/08/2021 10:16

Maybe try one that simulates oral sex

namechangedyorkshire · 29/08/2021 08:50

Depends whether you want one that directly stimulates the clit? Personally I found the rabbit type too intense. What I found nice (DH found and bought) was a soft rubber ribbed one. Is about 8inches but not too wide but wide enough to stretch me if that makes sense so feel full. Turning it up gradually when inside and can feel the vibrations that go up into my cervix. Gives me a nice build up and orgasm is really deep and intense when it comes with only a little attention to my clit.

Welshmaenad · 31/08/2021 16:52

The Lovense lush 3 egg is bloody marvellous, or maybe the quake which is dual stimulation. Your partner can control it via phone app. Not cheap but I am absolutely loving mine, DP and I don't live together so we use the long distance feature too.

PinotPony · 31/08/2021 23:25

If you want something for you and your partner to use during PIV, I'm guessing you're looking for clit stimulation. I'd normally recommend the Satisfyer Pro but it's a clit sucker like the womaniser so might not suit you.

Have you tried wands? The Doxy wand is phenomenal!

Or perhaps you could try some g spot stimulation in between PIV..? The Njoy curved dildo is great for that.

StarlightLady · 02/09/2021 07:39

It’s different strokes for different folks!

I have 3 which are all different. My “queen vibey” is an Omax which is no longer manufacture/available.

Why not start with a Durex Bullet? Before the pandemic, l used to travel a lot for work. Mine goes everywhere with me. It’s small, discreet and quiet and fits in the palm of your hand. It is also very light weight and battery life (a single AAA) is good.

You can usually pick one up in larger branches of Boots (near the condoms) for around £10. So, it’s wort a go in my view.

Finally, if you are climaxing, l wouldn’t be overly concerned how the orgasm comes about.

wishfuldreamer · 02/09/2021 09:22

This isn't something you can use together in the sense of during penetration, but i think using this definitely opened my brain to different connections and I have been able to come really easily during PIV over the last year or so. Not sure if i'm allowed to post links, but I have this one from Mantric (

The rabbit bit is less intense than a lot of the other rabbit vibes, and then the internal bit also vibrates in a really nice rumbly way. there's a couple of settings on there that really just send me a bit loopy. we've had quite a lot of fun with my partner being in control of it and the settings.

I've been thinking about getting one those little finger loop vibes for use during penetration, but equally if you can make yourself come using your hands (i find it hard sometimes), then penetrative positions that enable you to get your hands to your own clit would also work? doggy being the obvious one, but also missionary variations (try your bum on a pillow, which changes the angle of your pelvis and if your partner holds himself up, will allow you to touch yourself more easily), and spooning.

mags1862 · 10/09/2021 09:04

Satisfyer Pro for me as my go to toy , hope you find the toy for you .

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