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AndTime · 04/08/2021 13:11

My OH and I have a fairly rough sex life which I enjoy, however I quite often end up with tears down below which then sting for a few days afterwards.

I think it is my episiotomy scar that is tearing.

Is there any cream or oil or something that would help with this?

Not sure if I should post this here or in general health but people get funny about sex problems so played it safe over here.

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dementedpixie · 04/08/2021 13:14

Do you use lube?

AndTime · 04/08/2021 14:46

No usually, I don't feel like we need extra lube but it's worth a try if it prevents this.

OP posts:
Rosesareredd · 04/08/2021 18:25

Oh that sounds painful! I think the only real answer is to stop having rough sex, if it’s having a physical affect on you.
Do you still enjoy sex if it isn’t rough?

AndTime · 05/08/2021 08:58

Yes we have other more gentle sex too. I was just hoping there was a magic cream or something that could help.

OP posts:
Disneycharacter · 10/08/2021 11:51

You need to use lubricant.

SouthernHills85 · 10/08/2021 12:07

Lubricant and gentle stretching?

I had issues previously (pre kids but clearly my body doesn't always stretch well there as I tore during childbirth too!) and it meant that I would tear regularly during even gentle sex.
It then became a psychological thing, but regardless of that, the gp recommended gentle stretching and plenty of lubrication.

I got some things online that can assist and you move up the girth levels to slowly stretch the area which might be useful if there is scar tissue that doesn't stretch so easily?

SirenSays · 10/08/2021 13:50

Have you tried products like My Expert Midwife, they might help cut down recovery time?

Fruititty · 29/08/2021 09:48

I have this problem. I am thinking about having something I think is called Fenton's procedure done. The consultant has told me to try estrogen cream and stretching exercises first. I think they are helping a bit but we will see.

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