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easterchocbunny · 01/04/2021 17:08

I have had a discharge which is sometimes brown, sometimes yellowish or green.

I'm having some swabs done in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure if it could be BV or an STI. I used to get frequent thrush after sex when I was with my partner and bled last time we had sex.

Anybody had these symptoms? Sorry if it's too much info.

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MirandaMarple · 02/04/2021 07:35

Yes, I've had those symptoms. I was Mis- diagnosed with Gonorrhoea. On first inspection the bacteria looked similar to that of Gonorrhoea until my swabs were sent for 'proper' testing. I kid you not.

At the time I had a copper coil fitted and it turned out it wasn't fitted properly (second one) as soon as that was removed the discharge stopped.

rwalker · 02/04/2021 10:59

Wait for the swabs you could make choses symptoms fit a lot of conditions .
ranging from infections to sti

easterchocbunny · 12/04/2021 21:20

To update it was BV. So glad it's not an STI. Also it means I don't have to inform my ex because you can't transfer it to men.

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