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Not sure what happened?

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Notsure21 · 11/03/2021 10:22

I have a question about an encounter I had year ago. I’m currently 26 married with two children. Been with husband since we were at school.
We broke up for a year at college, he slept with one person, I slept with two, we got back together the rest is history.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about one of those encounters. Both times I spoke to the men before meeting them, mental health for me wasn’t great, but it was clear from both sides we were meeting just for sex.
With one of the men we met, started having sex, he used a condom, half way through he took off his condom and started trying to penetrate me. I made it clear we couldn’t without condoms. He put another one on and we carried on. He then did it again. I said no but it just resulted in him rubbing his penis against my vagina until he had just about finished. At which point I got myself dressed and he kissed me goodbye. I walked home crying.
Was this like a sexual assault? Or was it just a bit of miscommunication?

At the time I didn’t see it as assault but as the years have passed and everything I’ve experienced sexually with my husband it’s popped up as a flashback at times.

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Summerhillsquare · 11/03/2021 12:16

Yes, it's assault. You were clearly not consenting but he did it anyway.

You could speak to Rape Crisis about finding someone to talk it over with.

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