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Implant and sex drive

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shas19 · 18/02/2021 23:06

I'm 24 and currently have the implant, coming up 3 years. I used to want sex everyday but recently, say in the last 4 months my sex drive has gone down the drain and I'm sure its because of the implant. I desperately want it removed but is that even possible atm? I constantly have period pains also with it and sometimes irregular bleeding.

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Skysblue · 19/02/2021 16:49

Several of my friends tried the implant and all struggled with reduced sex drive / depression after they had it.

Needless to say I have not tried it myself! I did try the coil but that was a disaster (constant spotting; zero sex drive; discomfort plus it may be the reason for my later infertility problems). Pill made me feel ill. Ended up doing condoms for a decade.

If you need implant out speak to GP / sex health clinic / 111, we can’t really help you other than to confirm it will be the reason for your changed sex drive. Anything that alters female hormones like implant/pill tends to ruin female natural sex drive.

LookMoreCloselier · 19/02/2021 20:35

It only lasts 3 years anyway so you will soon be due it out. If the changes have only been in the last 4 months i wouldn't say it's due to the implant as you have already had it years and its steady release of hormone. I'm on my second. Yes my sex drive is higher without hormonal contraception but it's still reasonable with.

shas19 · 20/02/2021 00:05

It's so frustrating. I will definitely be getting it out soon, I used to love sex fml.

OP posts:
MrsSugar · 04/03/2021 13:16

I had the implant for 9 years and I genuinely just thought maybe I’m the type of person who has a lower sex drive. Had it removed to start ttc and now I absolutely know it affected my sex drive ! I defo want and enjoy sex a lot more without the implant

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