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Learning new things

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Needtogetbackinthesack · 27/08/2020 13:53

I've been with my new partner 3 months now. Sex is great but a little predictable. Neither of us are very confident - I think we've both been in a position where we've not had sex for a long time before meeting each other, and prior partners haven't been that up for trying new things/openly communicating about sex.

We've both agreed that we'd like to try new things but don't really know what those things are?! I want to jump on this while we've recently had the conversation before we become too familiar with our pattern or I lose my nerve to bring it up again.

I've been reading this board for a while and rarely see things that interest me. Anal is a hard no for me, I don't think either of us has any kinks that we'd like to explore, definitely no other people involved. I'd like to introduce toys and some new positions, nice lingerie.

How do people discover new things?! And new positions for people who aren't young and athletic?! 😆 Any ideas??


OP posts:
xpc316e · 27/08/2020 14:19

Other sex questionnaires are available online, but I like this one:

You and your partner answer the questions separately and the things that you would both be prepared to try are revealed. The things that you have said 'no' to remain undisclosed to your partner even though they might be desperate to try that, so there is no embarrassment.

If you Google 'sex questionnaire', you will find quite a few sites out there. You will probably find all sorts of things that you have never even thought about if you do one or two.

Good luck.

Needtogetbackinthesack · 27/08/2020 14:25

Oh this sounds fun! Thank you!

OP posts:
namechangednorth · 29/08/2020 06:53

Well introduce the things you have mentioned but not all together. Go gradually?

Start with lingerie and perhaps graduate to more raunchy..perhaps open fronted. Toys gradually after that? You will find your confidence grows and you find out more what each likes. Do you know if he prefers you shaved/waxed or au naturelle for eg. A lot of men love smooth so try things out and if it doesn't work leave and do something else.

He needs to be proactive as well though

Good luck

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