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Sex many questions!

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Rubbleonthedouble1 · 21/06/2020 19:52

If you’ve tried this:
Is it a relationship killer if one of them is your DH?
Where did you get the other man from?!

OP posts:
cosmicbabe · 21/06/2020 23:07

What does MMF stand for? Confused

LadyMuck111 · 21/06/2020 23:39

Male male female

namechangedyorkshire · 22/06/2020 05:08

Years ago. With DP and another couple on holiday. Shared a villa. Wild afternoon of vino etc which went too far.

It wasn't a relationship killer but we did split although that wasn't the reason. I wouldn't want to do that though with my now DH though.

Yes I think though for some it could be a relationship killer. Jealousy can easily creep in and then it's too late.

Anotherblokelurking · 23/06/2020 08:32

You have written about this escapade before and it sounds fun @namechangedyorkshire
Why don’t you see if you can turn it into a long-ish short story, names changed etc, and self-publish it on Amazon Kindle. Check out some of the amateur published stories in the erotic fiction section. Some of it is fairly rubbish and not as good as your story. I don’t think there’s a lot of money to be made, but 50 Shades started as fan fiction!
And there is a women run porn site mentioned on Mumsnet previously where they ask for story ideas.

Anotherblokelurking · 23/06/2020 08:46

I’ve had a few threesomes MMF and FFM but only one experience while in a relationship. It was actually GF ( a very sexual woman, adventurous and very experienced, and not previously prone to jealousy) and and her bestie. It was a two on one blow job treat in return for me going to the shops early Sunday morning for milk and fags! Obviously I really enjoyed the treat. GF had small, extremely small but perfectly formed breasts, which I loved, but friend used to tease her that she didn’t have enough to give a man a tit-wank, so after I recovered from the BJ at GF’s suggestion friend treated me to one.
Of course, typical bloke, I looked at friend in a new light and although I never suggested it outright GF knew that I was hoping for repeat action and we gradually split up.

Namechangedyorkshire · 23/06/2020 08:52

Thanks @Anotherblokelurking for the suggestion. Fortunately I'm not in a position where I need the money from writing about it...I'm not sure a book about a wild afternoon would make for much of a story..I'm sure there are a lot better out there.

I just have fond memories of a more wild time in my earlier life. Probably helped the other couple being older and more confident which is a lesson for anyone thinking of it, although ours wasn't planned (at least by me!)

PinotPony · 24/06/2020 23:42

I talked at length with DP about wanting to do MMF. Discussed insecurities and jealousies, laid some ground rules.

Took a long time to find the right guy. Thought we'd found someone suitable but he just wanted to fuck me and wasn't respectful of DP or our relationship so it went no further.

Eventually found a lovely guy who we both felt relaxed with. He and DP got on well (in a friendly blokey type of way) so DP wasn't threatened by him. He was very aware of the dynamics and, when chatting to me privately, always asked me if DP was comfortable with our flirty chats.

Eventually met up and had an amazing evening playing together. Was relaxed, filthy fun.

A few days later we had a "de-brief" to check everyone was ok. I'm the type to get emotionally attached to people I sleep with regularly and DP was concerned about this. So all three of us agreed that we wouldn't repeat the experience.

DP is currently chatting up a very cute woman who I really like as a friend so I suspect that'll be our next foray into threesomes.

SuperJan · 29/06/2020 23:13

First, decide what you both want. Does your DH want some MM action or just watch or be one end of a spit roast or what? Does he care what the other guy has?

What do YOU want?

Are those compatible?

Once you've decided that and all the boundaries you both have, it's far easier to find someone because you can tailor an ad for exactly what you want. The supply of single men looking for MMF is bigger than the number of couples looking for one, so you should be able to pick and choose.

Sort out a safeword for either of you to use that says "I have had enough" that can be used with no comeback.

IME the best bit is the sex between you both afterwards, so no, it need not be a relationship killer. If it is, it'll be his jealousy.

Natalialikes · 01/07/2020 10:15

Yes, a few times now with 2 different visitors. We met them in a swingers club as part of couples and they became friends of ours. Been positive for our relationship. Find a guy who is looking specifically for mfm. Nothing worse than a guy just tolerating your partner so he can have sex with you. If all 3 of you are into the fantasy, you are in for a hell of a ride Shock

outdooryone · 02/07/2020 21:10

I've been the +1 male.

I wasn't particularly looking, I was on a dating site and was approached. It transpires I was recognised from an old workplace, so they felt a bit safer half 'knowing' me.

We had a lunch meet at a pub, to discuss things and make sure there was a spark. The initial ask was I would simply watch them, something I agreed to. We returned to their place.

As you can imagine with a naked couple in front of me, things took a turn and I was invited by her mainly to join in.

It was good to have chatted things through, it also meant during the event it was easy to check in and be respectful of them. I'm not bi, neither was he, but you definitely need to be comfortable close and contacting each other, in fact it was part of the excitement for me, and ended up with some interesting helping hand moments...

Do think through practicalities - we had a very long afternoon of things. Multiple condoms needed. A warm room. Somewhere to clean up.

Enjoy. It's one of the most enjoyable things I've done sexually, I'd happily do it again.

j712adrian · 18/07/2020 12:39

Done 2, both on hols, I was the 'host M' in an MMF both times with my different partner of the time.

I'm bi, but no bi stuff happened, both very horny occasions indeed (one in a sleeper train compartment, the other in a hotel in Germany), both with locals so 'one-off and disappear'.

Ladies fully satisfied (one couldn't walk properly after for most of the following day) and sex in the months after was amazing. Not with either lady now but for reasons not to do with the MMFs, in fact, they probably lengthened the realtionships by quite a bit.

Very exotic stuff. Europe by rail.

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