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Teasing (no sex)

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MeenaSays · 19/06/2020 09:25

I've recently met someone and we have agreed to take things very slowly and enjoy every moment together without sex as we feel like this could be something. We have slept in the same bed and so I'm looking for ideas to tease him. We just heavily kiss etc, no oral but he does a lot of stroking etc so I get extremely wet whilst in my underwear and he does get hard. Any thoughts on how I can tease equally so?

OP posts:
AverageGuy · 19/06/2020 13:23

Try "dry humping" with your underwear on - basically you are masturbating each other.

If that's too far, then you could stroke him - pay attention to his testicles as well as his shaft. Use your nails, lightly. You could even use your lips & tongue.

Maybe move on to mutual masturbation. If you are worried about things going to far, focus on him first, but make sure you get yours! Grin

Whatever, have fun! I'm not at all jealous

SimonJT · 20/06/2020 23:23

Do you or are you willing to do anything sexual?

We didn’t have sex for the first four months, but we would do other sexual stuff togeter/to each other. We quite like a wet frot and will sometimes still do that instead of having sex.

Meenasays · 24/06/2020 05:36

@SimonJT I am willing to do anything sexual. We have had discussions to take things slowly but he has been very hard each time we have been together so the temptation is there. Is a wet frot mutual masturbation?

@AverageGuy I like your idea about dry humping in underwear. We have done this clothed. I'd like to tease him orally though.

OP posts:
AverageGuy · 24/06/2020 15:38

Teasing orally, or full oral sex?

As I said before, you could use your lips & tongue (and even teeth - but lightly please!) over and around his erection whilst leaving underwear on, and he could do the same for you, but TBH, if a woman started moving her head down my body, I think I'd be hoping for something more...

Talk to him - see what he would like.

It's great that you want to take things slowly. You have the full gamut of foreplay at your disposal without getting to penetrative sex, so explore, experiment and enjoy!

still not at all jealous

Meenasays · 24/06/2020 18:45

@AverageGuy he says he wants me to sit on his face or force his face against my bits. So it's very much on these lines! I was thinking to strip to my underwear and do this!

OP posts:
AverageGuy · 24/06/2020 18:59

Sounds like you have a plan! [Smile] Enjoy!

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