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Sex life after Children

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mdpierre · 24/02/2020 11:18

How is everyones love life/ sex life after having kids?
Our daughter is 3 now and we are both busy working parents with two older step children we have every other weekend. So we are definitely busy but we have worked hard on making sure we still connect and have intimacy. Are most couples the same?

OP posts:
RhymingRabbit3 · 24/02/2020 12:45

We very rarely have sex but we still have lots of cuddling and kisses. We both have a fairly low sex drive (even before kids it was once a week maximum) so it works for us, but I know for others it would not be enough.

SueEllenMishke · 24/02/2020 12:50

We prioritise this in our relationship. The physical side has always been really important. We generally have sex most days and plan regular 'date' nights and try to get away twice a year. We're lucky that grandparents will babysit though.
We've never let DS sleep in our bed. That's 'our' space and we were always keen to keep it that way.

Isbutteracarb · 24/02/2020 13:23

Once a week if we're lucky, but more often every 2-3 weeks. It's not enough (esp. for DH) but we're both just so busy/exhausted all the time...

mdpierre · 24/02/2020 13:45

So we have been talking about introducing sex toys and how we think they would great for us individually as well as together. Does anyone else use them and if so do you have any recommendations- sorry if this is too much for anyone on a Monday!

OP posts:
Isbutteracarb · 24/02/2020 14:27

☝🏼 watching with interest 😆

category12 · 24/02/2020 14:30
Qwerty543 · 24/02/2020 16:41

Yeah sure OP. Why this got any serious responses I dont know.

LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow · 24/02/2020 16:49

yes, @Qwerty, the only thing missing here is gals/huns/hubs and sexytime

JoMumsnet · 24/02/2020 16:51

The OP's been on the site for a fair while so we're going to move this thread over to our Sex topic.

Justaordinarybloke · 24/02/2020 21:58

We had a variety though there was one she preferred...a slim vibrator for her clit but long enough to insert. Butt plug was nice for us both.

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