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tidyup · 16/01/2020 00:06

I've recently come out of a short relationship with a guy with which I had the best kissing sessions, he was seriously good. Definitely the best I've come across. In fact everything he did/said in this department was just hot really.
I'm actually really worried now that I will never experience this again as he will be hard to beat, please tell me that this will not necessarily be the case....Sad

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Jane1978xx · 16/01/2020 08:37

I think it’s a comparability thing in that you both like kissing the same way rather than him being exceptionally good. I think you could take the lead with someone and get them kissing the way you like

Justaordinarybloke · 16/01/2020 16:03

It sounds like you fancied him so much that anything he did was good, if he was crap you still thought he was good because you was into him so much.

lmnoh · 16/01/2020 17:14

In my experience, good kissers, that match you perfectly, the intensity, the passion, taking your breath away, almost as good as dtd, are a rare find .....

Have fun finding the next one though and you'll always have the memories ;-)

tidyup · 16/01/2020 22:33

The thing is it wasn't just the kissing it was the things he said to me and little touches etc, not rushing straight in with hands everywhere.
It could go on for ages without realising.

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lmnoh · 16/01/2020 23:13

And where is he now ??
Name and number please 😉

1forAll74 · 17/01/2020 05:12

Yes, it's funny about kissing, it's a kind of art form really.. there are duds aplenty, but only a few who are experts so to speak.

tidyup · 17/01/2020 11:05

@lmnoh Grin
He's now taken for unfortunately! Sad

When I was with my other ex we NEVER kissed, he didn't seem to ever want to do it and I wasn't really bothered.
I don't think I could be with anyone like that now. Kissing rocks!

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frostedviolets · 17/01/2020 16:46

One of my ex's was an absolutely outstanding kisser. Really fantastic.

I'm afraid all men since have been unexciting kissers, including my DH, but I like him a great deal more than all my exes put together and the actual sex is really good so I'm not bothered 👍

tidyup · 18/01/2020 18:31

That's interesting @frostedviolets good to know things can still be ok without. Also I guess as the good kissers are a bit of a rare breed we are lucky to come across them at all!

I was thinking about it today that when I was kissing Mr gorgeous I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing at the time technique wise. It was just very very natural and just happened, it was kind of addictive.. I think as an earlier poster said we just matched perfectly.

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