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Those couples games you get on love honey

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giftgiver8 · 10/11/2019 20:56

Ann summers etc - like the 52 dates ones or the dice games.

Considering something cheap but fun for dh in his stocking (I want the lovehoney toy advent calendar but a bit above our budget!).

Definitely want a sex not dates one. We've had a bit of a renaissance this year and fancy some new ideas (I'd say we are enthusiastic but pretty vanilla).

Suggestions v welcome. Was thinking of maybe the 30 day calendar one on lovehoney (just the paper one for a tenner...)


If you've found this page in your search of adult games and sex games that have been recommended by fellow Mumsnet users, you might find our guide to the best sex games useful. Hope this helps! MNHQ

OP posts:
TheHallouminati · 13/11/2019 22:00

We bought the board game Nookii on Lovehoney few years ago.
It sat in a drawer, gathering dust because when it first arrived we had a peek in the box and at the cards and thought it looked a bit tame and bland.

On the spur of the moment I packed it when we went for a weekend away recently.

It was actually really fun (don't take yourself too seriously as there's some tongue in cheek role play activities)! Things had been a little slow for us lately but this game, rather than giving us something new and fresh that we'd never tried before, just encouraged us to spend a bit more time on each other and "forced" us to do more foreplay than we'd been bothering with lately.

You basically take turns to follow the suggestions on cards drawn from three different decks (mmm, oooh and aaahhh) which increase in intensity as the game continues. We used the cards as broad suggestions rather than sticking closely to the directions given.

It's a bit dearer than the suggestions in your op but worth it I think if your sex life has become routine.

TheHallouminati · 13/11/2019 22:02

Worth noting that Lovehoney give a decent discount to students or NHS/emergency services employees.

fdgdfgdfgdfg · 15/11/2019 15:15

The Monogamy board game is fantastic, think I got it for about £20 off Amazon, but sure its on Lovehoney as well. Its made for couples (rather than some of the other ones which are for couples or groups) and starts off quite tame but ramps up quite quickly. Me and my partner have played it a good few times and its not got samey as yet.

There is one card involving a rape fantasy which really doesn't fit with the tone of the game, which I'd recommend taking out of the game before playing if its likely to bother either of you. I was warned in an Amazon review before buying and I'm glad, as it would have really ruined things for my OH. Other than that, it gives you plenty of ideas, while not being too over the top kinky.

fdgdfgdfgdfg · 15/11/2019 15:16
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