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Brazilian wax redness/ swelling help

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Grammarist · 06/11/2019 22:46

Had a Brazilian but for some reason, my fanjo has reacted this time.
Seriously red/swollen and I'm meant to be having a naughty night away on the weekend.

Any advice? Debating Metanium!

OP posts:
Bedsheets4knickers · 06/11/2019 22:50

I'd try cucumber slices

Grammarist · 06/11/2019 22:52

Good idea. It's very sore

OP posts:
nutellalove · 06/11/2019 23:56

Aloe Vera cream?

Grammarist · 07/11/2019 07:29

The cucumber and aloe helped a bit and I used a shedload of metanium last night but it's still horrendously sore.
Any miracle cures????

OP posts:
nmc99 · 07/11/2019 08:28

Smother it in sudocrem this happened to me once and that cured it in 24 hours

frostedviolets · 07/11/2019 16:21

I hate to say this to you, but I had this happen with an underarm wax.

The 'beautician' kept going over the same area and what started out a bit red and tender quickly became a nasty full blown skin infection.

I'd savlon up if I were you and be aware you may have to visit the GP if it gets infected.

Oh, and don't get waxed again.
I do my 'area' with an epilator now, much better than dirty, double dipping salons (expensive, respectable looking salons I might add!) and 'beauticians' who don't seem to realise that whacking the strip repeatedly will cause skin damage.

StarlightLady · 07/11/2019 17:25

All skin types are different. But to reiterate what has been said, if you are used to being waxed, this really should not happen. I would raise it with the salon.

StarlightLady · 07/11/2019 17:27

On a lighter note, it looks as if someone is going to have to kiss it better over the weekend. Wink

Grammarist · 07/11/2019 21:29

GrinGrinGrinyes, I think that'll definitely have to happen. I think the waxing witch stripped my skin. It's not nice

OP posts:
Namechangedyorkshire · 09/11/2019 06:36

@Grammarist I have been having waxing there for several years. I think the first couple of times there was some redness but never since, and not to the extreme you describe.

It sounds like a combination of you having done as a one off for your weekend away and the beautician doing the same area several times and possible causing some infection. Is she familiar with doing waxing below regularly as I think it really makes a difference with a beautician that is really practiced?

If your Dp though is anything like my husband, ever since I've had it done he has never wanted me to go back to how I was before...loves me being fully waxed and I really prefer it now. Can't imagine being hairy. But I think waxing is better being done routinely as opposed to a one off with potentially a beautician who doesn't do frequently

Hope the weekend went well and it didn't inhibit things too much😉

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