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ohwhattodowithmylife · 10/08/2019 16:48

I have recently come out of a 20 year relationship. My Oh was a selfish porn addicted man. I haven't had an orgasm for years.
I recently went on a dating site and have been chatting to a man and things have progressed to sexting and it has really turned me on. I have gone from no desire regarding sex at all to wanting to meet up with this guy and seeing if there is chemistry in real life.
He tells me he is a generous lover and is happy to help me!! Is it time to rediscover my sexual self or should I wait and find it for myself first??
I have little time/childcare so not sure how we would make it work. Help, any advice?

OP posts:
Jason118 · 10/08/2019 22:44

Of course he is happy to help you - be very careful, dating sites are full of all sorts especially married men. Take it slow is my advice

StarlightLady · 11/08/2019 05:13

I would keep it bland and avoid sexting etc until you have met the individual for real. Otherwise you may feel that there is unwanted pressure on you

If (and only if) the chemistry is right I am not adverse to sex on a first date, but at least meet the individual before hormones take over your language.

AverageGuy · 12/08/2019 14:04

As per previous posters, tread with extreme caution!

ANY man will tell you (almost) anything if he thinks it will get you into bed... Chances are he won't have a clue irl...

If all you want is a casual fling, you might consider Fabswingers. It's not just for swingers, and at least the guys on there are honest about why they are there (although there is still the curse of the married man playing away Sad)

You can create a profile for free, hide it from everyone, and have a look around. Be prepared for photos of male genitalia..

Starlight You aren't single by any chance?... Grin

Lifecraft · 12/08/2019 14:10

He tells me he is a generous lover

Does he really? Odd, as most men usually admit to being lousy lovers. Hmm

noego · 12/08/2019 18:21

go with the flow if its turning you on. You don't have to meet or even give him any personal details. Enjoy it until you're ready for the real world.

TemporaryPermanent · 12/08/2019 23:29

Im not really the ideal adviser as im stupidly reckless but... why not? Exchange a few pictures, talk about what you'd like him to do and any clear boundaries. Can you get a babysitter? Have a drink somewhere. I do have sex on the first date because i have limited time and im not very cautious, but ghats not compulsory. I do tell someone where i am and i take an attack alarm. Ive actually never had any issues - its not always that good but tbh its usually better than most of my past sex life and sometimes its amazing! Ive meatned to orgasm and that im a lot kinkier than i thought. Ive also learned that i just plain like sex. All news to me. Good luck.

noego · 13/08/2019 09:19

Don't get to attached. It is only fun. Don't exchange photos. If you do, do not show your face. Take it for what it is. Phone fun.

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