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I used to come more easily, but I want my partner more..

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miniaturelocomotive · 27/07/2019 23:34

Historically, I used to achieve orgasm more easily. With my new (ish) partner, I want him more. The thought of him makes me insane and the sex is really good, but I find it really hard to reach orgasm. I think maybe it's to do with the build up. There is a very limited amount. He's very "down to business". I like a bit more tease. I've alluded to this, but he still wants to get to the main event. I like a bit of teasing. I don't want to rock the boat but it frustrates me (and I think him) that I don't come as easily as I could (and I did). Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

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Sparkybloke · 28/07/2019 07:27

You need to be more direct....don't allude....tell your partner in a gentle positive way that you like more of a,b or c before you move to d. Good Sex is all about communication and telling your partner what you like (and dont). If he is a considerate !over he will be eager to please. Personally I love getting my partner to orgasm before going for the main event so to speak...

lovesmarties · 29/07/2019 13:31

For the love of G*d, please just tell the fellow what you want.

I have never understood the way some women seem to be so reluctant to spell out what they want in bed - as if it's some kind of mindreading game. When I ask my wife, she just says "I don't know." Very frustrating.

cccameron · 29/07/2019 20:19

Do you mean there's little to none foreplay? No oral? He sounds like a very selfish lover. You definitely need a chat with him. Sounds like he's very happy to get his own rocks off with little regard to you.

cccameron · 29/07/2019 20:22

It doesn't take much mind reading lovesmarties to realise that banging it in at the first opportunity doesn't make for an interesting, fulfilling or varied sex life

NewMe2019 · 29/07/2019 23:01

Tell him exactly what you need. It sounds like sex is all about his needs and he needs to think about yours too.

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