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2aDo people care about PIV that much?

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Alanis41 · 23/07/2019 16:32

Just thinking as my partner told me a previous FWB criticised him because he couldn't get hard. He told me he pleasured her in all other ways but her criticism put him off her. Now personally, I'm just back in the saddle with sex, and I think I'd be ok if there were other ways round it but am I in the minority? I'm not sure I care as much about PIV sex that much....

OP posts:
Sparkybloke · 23/07/2019 23:14

Everyone is different. As a bloke I would say that there is something lovely about being inside your lover....but that's my point of view!

TextbookCase · 24/07/2019 00:28

I could last for a long time on a good diet of oral sex. I prefer it to penetrative most of the time.

Happyhusband · 24/07/2019 07:00

We mix and match according to mood. Oral is equally important and often the main course.

StarlightLady · 24/07/2019 08:10

I enjoy it, but if l had to choose just one thing, I would opt for oral.

Sparkybloke · 24/07/2019 08:45

I think my partner would agree. She like piv but loves me to go down on her...clitoral stimulation makes her cum almost every time whereas penetration she probably cums 20% of the time. So we usually end with an oral session for her if she needs to finsih...

ShouldISpy · 24/07/2019 12:38

Both are important to me, in very different ways. I broke it off with someone and one of the main reasons was because he doesn't get off on PIV.

Otterhound · 24/07/2019 13:56

With a partner at uni we’d have sex say twice a day but piv only 3-5 times a week

Plipplopbop · 25/07/2019 19:42

God yes. Piv is sex to me. I may have orgasm's prior via oral etc but both me and DH love piv and I don't think I could be in a relationship with someone who didn't. But we are all different, as long as you find a match you're ok.

Osirus · 26/07/2019 00:57

I love all different ways of having sex, and sometimes we don’t do any PIV at all, but, as said above, there is something very nice about having your partner inside you, especially at the “end”.

MrsMiggins37 · 27/07/2019 02:04

I don’t generally orgasm that way but I wouldn’t like to do without it, I love the intimacy and feeling of fullness it provides

madeofstarlight · 27/07/2019 11:11

I couldn't live without it in a relationship even though I don't usually orgasm that way. For me, the intimacy of it is so important. My ex struggled to keep an erection so we didn't do it often and it definitely contributed to the end of our relationship.

Isadora2007 · 28/07/2019 00:59

I don’t think I’d feel like we’d “had sex” if it didn’t involve and finish with piv. I can and do orgasm before and during piv but DH always orgasms only through it. Blowjobs for him are part of foreplay which is fine with me.

NameChangerAmI · 28/07/2019 09:34

If for any reason in the future, my DH couldn't perform PIV, I would miss it terribly, mourn it almost, but it wouldn't be cause to end our relationship. For me, oral (giving not receiving is as important, sometimes more so, depending on my mood.)

But, I would not enter in to a new relationship, or stay in a new relationship with someone who couldn't, or didn't want to do PIV.

NewMe2019 · 29/07/2019 23:14

I love PIV. I don't orgasm that way but I love the feeling and intimacy of it.

MarieG10 · 30/07/2019 09:04

Whilst I love variety, I still need to feel him inside me and ultimately feel him orgasm. Know some don't like but I love knowing he has come inside me as well.

Don't know why but just makes me feel really close to him and wanted

noego · 30/07/2019 12:23

I'm not bothered about PIV. Prefer to "play" in different ways.

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