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Prostate play

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rainydaysunday · 22/07/2019 08:48


Just looking for a little bit of advice. My partner and I have been having fun rejuvenating out sex life and enjoying experimenting with new ideas. I've been keen to try out prostate play and my partner was more than willing to oblige. My partner tried massaging my prostate with a finger and although it was not unpleasant the earth didn't move for me and my partner felt that she was a bit of a failure.

Has anyone any advice on how to make it more fun!

Thanks so much

OP posts:
Joey7t8 · 22/07/2019 09:00

Buy a dildo and have her thrust that in and out of your bum while you play with yourself. Enjoy.

SimonJT · 22/07/2019 16:28

You might need more pressure, circular rubbing or doing a come here finger movement works quite well.

Arnoldthecat · 26/07/2019 21:44

Are you sure she was in the right spot? This kind of thing takes practice but is an exquisite pleasure when practiced with expertise. I think the thing is to not just go straight for it. Plenty of foreplay to relax,obviously ensure youve been to the loo/are clean,,she can slip on a latex glove which will make for smoother entry and movement also also protect you from her fingernail. Ad plent of lube,baby oil? ,,the prostate once found is best gently massaged using the pad of the finger,i.e no direct pointy type pressure. Massage it in the vertical plain ie gently in and out,,constant gentle in and out massaging applying gentle pressure with the full pad of the finger..relax,practice,,study on line videos,,its possible to milk semen out of a man using this technique without him reaching orgasm but holding him in that position as if he is going to orgasm,,a kind of pain/pleasure feeling..when the female is ready to let her man come,she can apply some oral whilst continuing the milking,, massage such as this usually creates more ejaculate and a powerful orgasm.

ordinaryman · 27/07/2019 12:14

A bit like the G-spot in women, I think prostate pleasure depends on the individual: some feel it, some don't. It's never done anything for me, or indeed anything up the bum generally.

Arnoldthecat · 28/07/2019 13:07

Probably same for women. We arent even sure if it exists yet whereas the prostate is easily identified.

Aroundtheworldandback · 28/07/2019 16:11

Didn’t know people actually enjoyed this? My dh is seeing his prostate guy tomorrow and dreading the massage more than his root canal treatment after.

Arnoldthecat · 28/07/2019 17:09

I guess it all depends on context !

jonn3y · 30/07/2019 17:21

Tell him its not so bad...I had that twice!

Remember the thought of something is always worse than the actual event.

I now know it.

I hope he is all ok.

Guavaf1sh · 18/08/2019 20:14

People like different things but you just don’t know what until you’ve tried

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