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Is this unusual?

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Andromeida59 · 26/01/2019 03:06

Idon't really discuss this with close friends. Been with partner 14 years. My partner has always ensured that I climax first. He's always said that he doesn't feel satisfied unless I am. Is this that unusual?

OP posts:
Newerversion · 26/01/2019 12:32

Not unusual I don’t think but certainly a magnificent quality 😊.

AloneLonelyLoner · 26/01/2019 14:09

I think him making sure you get pleasure first is unusual, but not unusual that he gets satisfaction from this (otherwise women wouldn’t fake so much). You have clearly struck gold!

StressedGuy · 26/01/2019 14:15

If that works for you both then that's great.

I like to think of sex as a mutual, concurrent journey, however it tends to end up in a 'your turn/my turn' process, which I personally don't find as fulfilling or enjoyable.

If my partner has had an orgasm before PIV, it renders PIV as more of something just for me, that she's not passionately and enthusiastically into, as she's had her fun, leaving me feeling like she's just a passenger, waiting for it to be over.

Newerversion · 26/01/2019 14:58

Stressedguy, just because a woman has orgasmed once it does not mean it is all over for her. Twice a session is quite possible 😉

StressedGuy · 26/01/2019 17:32

Newerversion I'm very aware of this but this also depends on the individual woman.

One of my partners orgasmed very easily and from PIV alone - it was simply a case of the longer we went on, the more she would have, often 3, 4 or 5 in some sessions - it was fantastic.

Sadly with my wife, she finds it very difficult to orgasm and there is no chance whatsoever of this ever happening during PIV no matter how many times she has tried with me or other partners, even when she tries to do it for herself.

The only way she can orgasm is if all the stars are aligned, the conditions are perfect, I spend 30 minutes to an hour with my fingers or my tongue and she might just get there, but I can't distract her or get anything in return as this too is a distraction, hence it becomes a bit of a boring chore and a 'your turn, my turn' affair.

Once she's hopefully and eventually orgasmed, she loses what very little enthusiasm she had that took forever to build up, leaving me to 'enjoy my PIV' with a partner who is done and dusted and just not that bothered.

It's crap.

StarlightLady · 27/01/2019 06:41

Sounds good to me! You have a caring lover. He is enjoying your sensations.

I rarely climax from penetration (it feels nice though; no complaints) but I do from oral. I like to orgasm first and then go for gold afterwards. You have to persevere to go beyond that ache sensation, but it’s worth it.

Viva the tongue!

Andromeida59 · 27/01/2019 13:48

Thanks. It's not a "your turn/my turn" type thing as will ask if I want to "go again Blush". I do see myself as very lucky Smile.

OP posts:
StarlightLady · 27/01/2019 14:25


flintfoxy · 27/01/2019 21:23

My issue is that once I have come I cba and want to sleep (maybe I'm a man) I wish I knew how to get over that hurdle. I've never come more than once in a session ever Blush

Brandnewshit · 28/01/2019 00:57

You've got your self a keeper!!

MarieG10 · 28/01/2019 13:31

Well it sounds good although I would imagine sometimes it is nice for you to finish last....I know I do. I love finishing when he is giving me oral.....sooooo intense

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