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Embarrassing sex question - post partum

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Alicia870 · 30/12/2018 17:17

My baby is almost 3 months and me and my husband only just attempted sex for the first time since her birth today.
I really wasn't ready until now. I had a really painful episiotomy which got infected etc etc and just wanted to give myself time to heal.
This is really tmi but I wondered if anyone else had experienced anything like this. The penetration itself was certainly not comfortable for me. I'm hoping it improves with time. Is that normal and something others experience?
The real tmi part is that after it I went to the toilet and when I wiped there was a small bit of faeces on the loo roll. I had just had a bath prior to the sex so I know it happened during it.
I have been assessed by women's heath physio as I did have quite a lot of heaviness down there after the birth and feared prolapse. But I've been reassured by her and the gp that there is no prolapse. The heavy feeling had mostly gone now so no other signs of that. But obviously this is really embarrassing and not something I want to have to put up with- any other advice or experiences?

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Koko12 · 31/12/2018 08:54

I would go back to your go and ask for an endo-anal scan to check that you don’t have a fistula from a deeper tear that they may have missed.Hope you get it sorted x

Koko12 · 31/12/2018 08:55


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