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DH doesn't last long

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jinglejangles0 · 05/12/2018 18:42

This has always been and issue but now I'm just getting sick of it. I have a very high sex drive and his is quite abit lower but when we do have sex he comes very quickly.
And I'm talking like foreplay and sex lasting maybe 5 minutes. He can make me orgasm through sex but sometimes it's just not long enough!

We have been together 7 years and now I just want to have better sex I'm sick of it.
We are relatively young and fit, though could be fitter. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Help me lol.

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anamedwoman · 05/12/2018 19:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PallasAthene · 05/12/2018 22:22

Take his penis out of the equation for a bit. Show him how to use him mouth and fingers on you. Give him a really slow BJ and see how long you can spin it out.

When you have sex, let him do what he wants in terms of speed / rhythm etc.

If he comes too fast then he probably does nothing but worry about coming too fast when you have sex. You have to try and move the goalposts a bit so he feels all around more confident. Make PIV sex not the most important thing for a while.

xpc316e · 06/12/2018 08:51

If you do not use sex toys, then why not consider them? If you crave penetration, then him using a dildo on you before you start PIV intercourse could work for you. If it is orgasms you want, then having him use a vibrator on you can work wonders. My partner loves being brought to multiple orgasm with a vibrator as a prelude to PIV, and I adore giving her that pleasure. Sex does not have to be just PIV.

FinnGermey · 06/12/2018 13:37

Delay spray or dapoxetine/priligy pills, although these can cause insomnia & headaches.
How old is he as it is supposed to improve as you get older although I am not convinced!

TooTrueToBeGood · 06/12/2018 16:49

All good suggestions around foreplay, toys etc. However, I think the problem itself can only be addressed if you understand the root cause. Is he cumming quickly because he physically can't stop himself or because he either doesn't care or doesn't realise that what he's offering isn't enough for you? Have you talked to him about it?

Jason118 · 06/12/2018 21:41

Going again can help - second time around is my favourite SmileSmile

HeavensNoHellYeah · 10/12/2018 11:40

What's his recovery time like? Could he not go again sometimes.

Bring him to orgasm during foreplay and he can carry on with you until he's hard again and go for longer? Maybe not all the time but I know what you mean I've been with men like that and no amount of oral or anything else however good and however many orgasms is the same as a nice long shag it's just not lol.

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