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As long as he gets his!

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Autumnleaves105 · 11/07/2018 01:54

I'm feeling a bit upset at the moment. My husband and I have t had sex for a long time (we go through phases) as we have both been tired due to work/toddler etc.
We have spoken about it and it's not a big issue.
I have said a few times that he needs to make more effort to make me orgasm. He always finishes and I'm left to sort myself out.
We've just messed around and I gave him a handjob. I was all revved up thinking it would be my turn. I need the toilet. Cane back and they was it.
He said love you and rolled over to sleep.
I've come downstairs for a drink and a few tears.
I know it sounds pathetic but he's so affectionate and makes all the right moves but once he's sorted that's it.

OP posts:
Newman2018 · 11/07/2018 10:53

I'm sorry to hear that. He sounds a little like my wife!

I used to think it was a 'man' thing to roll over and go to sleep after an orgasm. I now think it's more of a fundamentally selfish thing as obviously both sexes do it.

Can you talk to him about it?

Autumnleaves105 · 11/07/2018 16:28

Oh dear!
Yes I did talk to him, he said he was sorry and didn't realise!

OP posts:
Lovemusic33 · 11/07/2018 16:37

Very selfish. I feel your frustration, the last man I was dating was like this, left me feeling very frustrated and made me feel less important than him. My needs need to be met in bed or I will soon get bored of it and won’t want it at all. Has he always been like this? If not then maybe there hope and he can change.

Bellends · 11/07/2018 17:12

Why doesn't he sort you out first? I can understand him falling asleep afterwards but he is less likely to do that with a raging boner!

Autumnleaves105 · 11/07/2018 18:58

Unfortunately he's always been a bit like it. I've been really patient with him as I love him and he hadnt really had much experience before.
He usually does feel bad if I don't get there and does worry about it but it's more of s confidence thing with him.
More recently it's been difficult because I know it's not going to happen for me and it had put me off wanting sex.
Last night was very blatant though. He has apologised and said he misread the situation.
We have spoken about it now and before so I do hope that he does put more effort in!

OP posts:
Lovemusic33 · 11/07/2018 19:43

Keep talking to each other, tell him what you want him to do and how to do it. Hopefully you can work things out and both start enjoying sex more.

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