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Rediscovering sex

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Thenewphaseofmylife · 07/05/2018 13:08

So just out of a very long and often sexless marriage. So am having some fun BUT after 25 years with the same man I think I've forgotten how.

Any tips / resources / videos on what men like / don't like. What works doesnot. Especially for the ONS situation.

It's feels like I'm a virgin all over again!

OP posts:
MissConductUS · 07/05/2018 13:16

I think that what men like depends a lot on the man. I've found it works better if I get to know them a bit first before jumping into bed, so ONS's have never been that rewarding for me.

FluffAndFluster · 07/05/2018 13:50

Don’t worry about what men like. I’m sure most will tell you. Worry about what you like and enjoy 😉

squishy · 07/05/2018 14:21

Agree with FluffandFluster. But it may be that after that long, you're not sure what you like anymore - badgirlsbible has some interesting pages (mostly written by a man) which might interest you. Good luck!

Thenewphaseofmylife · 07/05/2018 14:49

Squishy. I that's defo it as well. Have already discovered that I actually love kissing, just hated the way ex kissed!!!

Will look at that person. Thanks.

When I've asked my two partners so far what they have liked they have both said to please you. But Then I feel the pressure of being the focus. Ahhhhhh

OP posts:
squishy · 07/05/2018 19:31

I think it is about getting more confident and comfortable - then you can ask more ‘like this?’ Type questions as you’re doing ‘somethjng’ For more specific feedback....

Yay to discovering the joy of kissing again...after almost 20 years of thinking it was just me, I’m like a teenager again!

debs307 · 07/05/2018 22:54

Simple Don't do one night stands !

GrannyHaddock · 08/05/2018 07:15

Exactly, debs. No one could expect a one-off encounter to be a perfect, amazing experience. Good sex needs some practise, ideally with the same person!

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