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Is there any gps/gynaecologists on here by any chance?

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Isitwinteryet · 23/03/2018 22:46

Just a quick one really, pretty sure it's a complete shot in the dark but I have scared tissue from my stitches following the birth of my baby. I had a gynecology appointment and was told to use vagisil lidocaine 2% cream on the scar once a day and also before sex.

The gynecologist told me to use it on the scar and just internally at the entrance slightly, however the cream says for external use only. (I'm pretty sure this is just to cover their own backs but I don't want any further problems!)

Has anybody had any experience of this or even used it before for the same thing?

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Tinkerbellx · 24/03/2018 09:20

It'll be fine .
Just apply on the scar tissue where it feels a little tight or shiny . Some of that will be on the lower wall inside your vagina and that's fine .
It's for local use and that's fine x

Isitwinteryet · 24/03/2018 10:39

Thank you! :) x

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