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Is this actually possible?

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FelicityWow · 08/02/2018 17:28

Please excuse the straightforward nature of this question, but I cough read about women having anal sex standing straight up. That is feet flat on the floor, not bent over at all but with the man directly behind her.

Is that actually possible? I mean is it possible in any vaguely non-wounding and possibly pleasurable way? The angles just seem all wrong to me.

OP posts:
Shoxfordian · 08/02/2018 19:49

I suppose it depends on height difference and, ahem, length.....

UndomesticHousewife · 08/02/2018 21:05

Not sure how it would get in as it’s a bit tight but once it was in it is possible I suppose if the man was shorter maybe Confused

BungledUpInTwo · 08/02/2018 21:44

Anything is possible. The human spirit is indefatigable. If two people are determined to put the penis of one into the anus of the other, mere positioning will not stop them.

Hooray for people!

AkimboLimbo · 08/02/2018 23:21

Perfectly possible if the heights are compatible.

Mumsymcmumface · 09/02/2018 23:37

Let me get back to you.....

Mumsymcmumface · 10/02/2018 00:09

Yeah you can

likmykwim · 10/02/2018 19:09

Mumsymcmumface Ooh lala

NotTheFordType · 10/02/2018 22:46

Well it's the same as vaginal sex standing up - it's all about the height and the angle.

Usually when I'm fucking a guy in the arse I get him to kneel on the edge of the bed and I put my heels on. It's the easiest penetration height/angle.

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