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Sex in marriage

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Melbabes6 · 23/01/2018 20:23

How often do you have sex on a weekly basis?

OH and i were everyday until we got married and had a baby (almost 3yo now!).

Now we have dry spells or a period of sex every other for a couple of weeks then back to a month long dry spell.

I quite like having it every/other day but OH says hes tired and complacent 😴

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 23/01/2018 21:09

About once a week. Married for 18 years tomorrow! Together for 24ish years

Jason118 · 23/01/2018 22:17

Married 34 years - now never :(

JenniferL90 · 24/01/2018 11:03

You sound like us.

We can go through a phase of every other day, or more often.

Then go for a few weeks without.

Especially this time of year when we're all taking it in turns to have coughs and colds etc.

JenniferL90 · 24/01/2018 11:04

We've been together for 13 years (married for 8) and have a 5 year old.

BoobleMcB · 24/01/2018 13:51

Generally at least weekly, sometimes twice. Definitely more when on holiday lol

nuffsenuff · 24/01/2018 15:24

Peaks and troughs. Two kids, together 6 years, both work.

Traveler0027 · 24/01/2018 17:18

Married 31 years, mostly at it loads at the weekends but not so much Monday-Thursday, too knackeredGrin Three grown up children and i have health problems, DH works long hours in stressful job

FluffAndFluster · 25/01/2018 12:15

Together 18 years, 3 dc. Roughly once a week.

Mumsymcmumface · 26/01/2018 20:34

Together 18 years, 3 dc. Roughly once a week.

Interesting. How often gently?

BoobleMcB · 26/01/2018 21:08


FluffAndFluster · 27/01/2018 23:13

Grin very good

CanIhavedessertfirst · 03/02/2018 22:41

I've been married a year and sometimes we have sex 3 or more times a week, other times we can go a month with nothing. My partner tries to get me in the mood with massage, but it's so relaxing that I fall asleep. Thing is, I don't want to tell him as I love the pre sleep massage and don't want him to realise it doesn't work in terms of turning me on.

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