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Fanny farting

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emmerfanta · 24/09/2017 00:12

I've been dating a guy for almost a year. We have a brilliant sex life however I keep fanny farting BlushI've never experienced this with previous partners and I'm just so embarrassed . It happened the first time we slept together and several times since. I saw him earlier for a quickie before he had work and I let out the loudest ever fanny fart.

Does anyone know how I can stop it?

OP posts:
passmethewineplease · 24/09/2017 00:14

I don't think you can stop it.

I think certain positions increase the likelihood of them. doggy

Part and parcel!

emmerfanta · 24/09/2017 00:26

It doesn't even seem to be any certain positions it just happens randomly. Ive had a few sexual partners before and it's never happened and I'm just wondering why now lol although it's the best sex of my life.

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GhoulsFold · 24/09/2017 00:32

It happens to me too. Only started happening with DH. I simply asked DH (back when be was just a DP) if he found it off-putting / disgusting. Turned out he found it a turn on. Once I knew that I relaxed on stopped allowing it to ruin the experience.

The thing is, sex is far more adventurous position-wise than it ever was with previous partners, which is why I'd never experienced it before. But having chatted to other female friends it's actually very common and men aren't bothered by it.

emmerfanta · 24/09/2017 00:48

I honestly know it's only me it's bothering I've asked him and he says it's normal no big deal. But it either makes me want to shrivel up with embarrassment or laugh out loud and kills the moment for me a bit. Do other people just not acknowledge it and carry on. Mine are so loud!

OP posts:
user1477054316 · 24/09/2017 01:27

Just enjoy yourself! It's happened to me lots of times, always doggy position 😳 My other half never seems to mind though and when I've asked he says the same as previous posters! Have fun and relax x

KinkyAfro · 24/09/2017 07:28

It's just air being pumped in

GhoulsFold · 24/09/2017 14:50

"Do other people just not acknowledge it and carry on"

Yep. At first I'd giggle and apologise, but I realised that was more off-putting than the actual fanny farting. Just ignore it OP, honestly. Let's face It, sex throws up a fair bit of other weird noises too. If we reacted to them all we'd never enjoy it

alltouchedout · 24/09/2017 17:34

Sometimes it makes us both laugh. Mostly we just ignore it.

PsychedelicSheep · 24/09/2017 21:00

It happens when he pulls out almost to the tip and then thrusts in again.

So technically it’s his fault not yours Smile

AkimboLimbo · 24/09/2017 23:25

Use a bit of lube if it bothers you, that usually stops it.

Ohyesiam · 24/09/2017 23:28

Grip with your minge, that way air doesn't get in.

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