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Monogamy board game

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wejammin · 18/09/2017 20:26

Has anyone got it? Is it any good how filthy is it?

Was thinking of asking DH for it for my birthday.

Strip Dobble is getting a bit tedious.


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OP posts:
wejammin · 18/09/2017 20:30

I should add, for context - been together 15 years, sex life very good and enthusiastic but fairly vanilla. Like a bit of anal and light bondage. Will it take us further?

OP posts:
MissLead · 18/09/2017 21:09

It's good - but a lot of the games/forfeits are food related.

Worth a go though.

wejammin · 18/09/2017 21:42

So I would need to do a shopping expedition prior to playing? That's arousing.

OP posts:
Skweeler · 27/09/2017 13:38

We love it! Don't hesitate to buy it Grin no need for a food shop beforehand as there's usually suitable items in the kitchen. Enjoy Wink

wanderings · 26/10/2017 22:55

We love the game and play it frequently. It's excellent because it's well paced, through three levels, so it gradually builds the excitement. Throughout the game there are spaces to land on such as taking clothes off, eat food sexily, kissing, and then there are the cards. The first level is gentle things like discussing what you find sexy, then there's doing slightly kinkier and more intimate things, and finally there are cards involving blindfolds, licking intimate places, tying up, role play. (Mostly role play!) At the end the winner chooses a fantasy card to act out.

We've tried several other board games, but none of them are as good: many of them go straight into the heavy stuff quickly, whereas Monogamy cleverly builds the mood.

TwoIsQuiteEnoughThankyou · 26/10/2017 23:35

Late to this thread, but my God, strip Dobble, surely it can't get any better than that? That's a brilliant idea...Starts rummaging through games cupboard...

1DAD2KIDS · 30/10/2017 10:14

It was a good game early in my marriage. Fun and great way to mess about, try new things and open up about exploring bounderies. Also just a good way to bond and to have a close intimate time. We used to get a bottle of wine out and play on the nice soft rug in front of the fire place.

IhaveapenIhavepineapple · 31/10/2017 05:23

I highly recommend it.

no need for a food shop beforehand as there's usually suitable items in the kitchen

Oh I don't know, my DP ended up trying to eat crisps in a seductive manner because we didn't have anything more appropriate Grin

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