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Webcam suggestions

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Littlefrogletx · 30/08/2017 15:41

Im looking for suggestions for web cam sites, its a fantasy me and DP have, we don't want interaction with people messaging on a profile, just perform together and be watched
Totally anonymous, no online profile.
Does anything like this exsist ?

OP posts:
WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 31/08/2017 03:14

No idea, but it's not guaranteed to be totally anonymous if you're showing your faces.

Anyone watching could record you and put it on any number of sites and anyone you know could stumble across it.

Coffeelover78 · 31/08/2017 07:28

Fabswingers has a Web cam section for people that like to watch or be watched......

Ineedmorelemonpledge · 31/08/2017 08:16

Another one not wanting to rain on your fantasy but please take care to protect your anonymity- webcam sessions can be recorded and uploaded onto places like Pornhub without your knowledge or permission.

I know a lot of couples on Adulthub were looking for webcam sharing, on a site like this you can at least vet them a bit before taking the plunge?

Littlefrogletx · 31/08/2017 10:46

We will be very privacy conscious.
I don't intend on showing my face.

OP posts:
Coffeelover78 · 31/08/2017 10:54

You can always get masquerade style masks to hide your identity... u have to be a member of to view cams but anyone can join...

Maybe join the site and find someone to privatley Skype with...

Webspammer · 31/08/2017 11:11

You can use a random chat site like
chatrandom which is switch on your webcam an off you go. BUT 95% male, some women and occasional couples. So depends who you want to watch you!

ImperialBlether · 31/08/2017 11:14

Yes these are the masks used in the Channel 4 programme about dogging...

Webcam suggestions
Coffeelover78 · 31/08/2017 12:40
Littlefrogletx · 31/08/2017 12:52

Haha, those masks still give me nightmares

OP posts:
NotTheFordType · 01/09/2017 20:56

Adultwork pays the best but you'll need to verify your identities before camming (i.e. with your real passport or driving license, to ensure you're over 18)

It's not as exciting as it sounds, tbh. You'll get more trade if you sit in free preview with the camera pointed at your boobs and his cock just visible to the side, and say you'll "perform" in paid mode.

Be prepared for his cock to get stage fright and you having to fake the whole thing.

Littlefrogletx · 03/09/2017 23:20

Thanks Ford.
Id really not even considered the paid aspect.
It's more of a safe way to be watched really.

OP posts:
Joey7t8 · 04/09/2017 20:01

I wouldn't go down the paid option. You're doing it for your own pleasure, so I'd keep it free of any obligations and give yourself the option of logging off if you start to feel uncomfortable.

Adamadamant · 05/09/2017 09:37

Have your thought about (the unmoderated section) or You don't have to show faces and you can still let someone watch you and your partner have fun. The chances are that your audience will be a lone man w*nking off. Please don't ask me how I know about this.

Littlefrogletx · 06/09/2017 17:14

I shall not ask!
Yeah the paid route is not something I'm bothered about.
Thanks for the tips!

OP posts:
sexnamechange · 19/09/2017 22:32

Wicked Cam Chat is good.


The turn on for me here is that lots of people watch. Sometimes you can have hundreds of people watching you.

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