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Do vibrators jiggle your coil out?

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Shitalopram · 13/03/2017 22:59

Just that really.

Had a consultation at the sexual health clinic today about getting my first coil later this month. She warned me not to use vibration plates/bands at the gym (not that I ever go to a gym) for a month after the fitting as they are known to dislodge coils.

Instantly I spotted a possible area of concern and asked "what about sex toys that vibrate?"

She replied "in 34 years I have never been asked that" and we laughed... but I am still intrigued.

Does anyone know, as I don't fancy googling those terms together.

(I am early 40s and still learning, apparently)

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TheWindhover · 14/03/2017 03:07

Only the ones that have a kick start.

Ineedmorelemonpledge · 14/03/2017 10:55

Oh god TheWind I think I've nearly squeezed my Mirena out laughing at that! 😂😂😂

I seriously doubt the vibrations would ever be strong enough to do that.

Those bands in the gym are seriously strong and go right over your womb area sometimes I guess.

Maybe avoid a wiggly rotating headed vibrator for fear it might wind the strings around its plastic glans and have to be cut out?

Im joking op.

Mine expelled itself in the shower, trapped in a hideous bloodclot. No vibrations needed. 😬

Shitalopram · 14/03/2017 18:45


Thanks both.

I've never tried the jiggly bands/plates so I can't compare them to the strength of my vibratory!

Maybe a stupid question but I want mine to stay in once it's up there...

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Rockluvvindad · 17/03/2017 14:36

OMFG are you using a hilti as a sex toy ???

Sorry... My response might be beer fueled.

shitonit · 17/03/2017 22:35

I think it has to be seriously strong. My coil has stayed in places with vibration toys. All good

Shitalopram · 19/03/2017 09:22

Ha ha! No, nothing that strong. I'm not that keen on vibrators actually, but was curious..

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