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Zero sex drive

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wildlingtribe · 04/12/2016 23:17

We have four small kids, aged 7months-6years. So I know it's a factor but I love my parter so much and we use to have a great love life, now it either hurts or I just have no urge. I'm not body confident so that doesn't help, he takes it personally so that's hard on both parts, I'm just so tired! On the mini pill too so that may be one thing. Since having kids I don't feel comfortable doing intimacy things, I don't feel like I know who I am so I find it difficult to get in the mood (when we get time) I don't feel confident initiating, I get annoyed when he tries and gropes but he showers me with affection still but I just don't know how to be flirty, or enjoy it. Low mood doesn't help, breastfeeding makes me feel funny about my boobs being sexualised, and it still hurts to have sex too most of the time.. am I the only one thinking this way???

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Scotmum83 · 06/12/2016 14:22

I would say breastfeeding is probably not helping as I felt the same way until I stopped at 18 months. Totally killed my sex drive and I felt weird about my boobs too. When you're ready to stop bf I'm sure you'll get your drive back.

AkimboLimbo · 07/12/2016 13:09

You're not unusual at all.
Talk to him and let him know how you feel. Try to work on affection and intimacy that feels good and safe without pushing yourself to do anything that makes you uncomfortable or in pain.
My boobs were completely off limits for years!

wildlingtribe · 20/12/2016 09:00

I don't see it ever returning and it's upsetting me! Almost breaking my relationship.

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