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Menopausal and sex

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DollyPS · 23/08/2016 14:50

Ok here goes I'm 51
Lilibo fucked off last year much to my dismay. I tried to be interested but sex was once a month as I wasn't showing interest at all.
Periods are a hit or miss. I had 3 months of bliss no periods
Well it returned with a bloody vengeance 2-3 months ago to the point I want it 2-4 times a day but it's come at a price the emotional side of over thinking everything. Like comparing past partners (his) crying too now I never cry as a rule not over what I'm thinking it's bizarre for sure.
Has anyone else went through this as most have said the opposite no interest at all. I just can't get enough
Husband isn't complaining I have too say

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salsamad · 25/08/2016 09:33

Dolly - I thought I was the only one. I used to have a high sex drive and was always up for it but recently (last 6-12 mths) my libido has changed and is now very up and down and so are my moods. Im tearful and touchy or angry and resentful.
I'm 51 and still having periods but they are all over the place too. On our recent holiday I was very happy and relaxed - more like the old me but this didn't last when we returned home.
I still love sex but feel much less attractive and sexy, if you know what I mean and this makes me feel less enthusiastic. I'm not overweight and take care of myself but it's like I've had a change of mind set about my womanliness.
My DH is very loving and supportive - it's me that is over thinking my moods, my feelings, what he is thinking etc. I am my own worst enemy and keeping attributing everything to the (peri) menopause and then stressing about how it's affecting me.

Destinysdaughter · 30/08/2016 22:25

I'm 51, no periods now for 5 months. Lost interest in sex but just lately sex drive has def come back with a vengeance! Think hormones are just all over the place during this time really. Don't know what to suggest but you might get a better response in the menopause section than here as there's a lot of pp there who are going through it and may be more helpful.

DollyPS · 03/09/2016 12:57

I've posted in there too but nothing yet

It's the over thinking even during but hubby is very understanding thank god says me.
We laugh and me cry a lot more. We talk more too which is different as we are not ones for feelings being spoken about but we do now. I found it weird, he found it awkward but we both have a middle ground now.
This I don't want to lose. The sex well it isn't always about that but the closeness, the bond is for me.
I'm still horny all the time but I try and not feel he's rejecting me but other factors have come into play like tiredness, not in the mood.
We laugh that it should be the other way about but we kiss and cuddle a lot more which he says he missed when my sex drive did a nose dive as I hated any touching of any kind.
We both know this won't last forever but it'll slow down again but hopefully. It won't bugger of completely.

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