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DH cums too quickly

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Mummyvader · 12/07/2016 15:56

Does anyone have any advice on how to stop DH cumming so quickly? He sometimes cums before he is in! I avoid any foreplay on him but it doesn't help. I love giving BJs but they are out of the question because 20 seconds in he is done. It's pretty irritating but after 10 years together he is actually getting quicker Blush

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Katnisnevergreen · 01/08/2016 12:15

No advice but sympathy. My Dh is the same, it's quite frustrating, and it's worse now we are trying for a baby and not using condoms. Any one??

TheNaze73 · 01/08/2016 12:20

I think all your foreplay for him, should be centred around everything except his cock. Make sure he sorts you out properly first & then finish him off after. Have you tacked it with him (no pun intended)? It's a real backward compliment that you excite him that much however, it must be so frustrating.

firsttimedaddy11 · 02/08/2016 15:05

Hi Mummyvader, have you tried desensitising sprays? Or even the desensitising condoms that durex do?

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