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tears after sex

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figsaretheonlyfruit · 21/05/2016 08:12

Does anyone else sometimes experience this? I can sometimes find myself crying.

I think I might know why but other times not.

OP posts:
neonrainbow · 21/05/2016 08:25

Sometimes if I'm feeling down generally.

velourvoyageur · 21/05/2016 10:50

The only time this happened to me was when my partner whipped me and I felt completely disconnected from her....when she stopped playing the role and was being sweet, kissing where I'd been tied up and stuff, I cried. Found it difficult to reconcile the role and the real her & didn't understand how she could enjoy it. We talked and hugged and I snapped out of it fairly soonish though.

I think it's pretty normal to cry after sex, not exactly common, but a rational response to loads of feelings which can potentially arise during an intimate encounter like that.

Benedictinemonk · 21/05/2016 11:31

An ex-partner of mine sometimes cried after sex. She said it most often happened if she had a particularly intense orgasm, and thought it was some kind of intense emotional release. She didn't seem worried by it, and didn't express unhappiness.

DerelictMyBalls · 21/05/2016 19:43

Yes, I think it's fairly normal to feel emotional after sex.

GinAndSonic · 21/05/2016 20:22

I've cried after a seriously mind blowing orgasm, and been tearful after sex that has felt emotional. Had some sub drop type tears after bdsm type stuff.
Sex is pretty intense, and so intense emotional reactions are fine and normal.

elQuintoConyo · 21/05/2016 20:26

Yes, it happens to me frequently. Intense orgasms + great partner = boo hoo!

Never out of sadness or because i've had an emotional day.

UntilTheCowsComeHome · 22/05/2016 00:08

Thought I was the only one Blush

I often blub after sex, sometimes I'm a bloody wreck.

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