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failed miserably at seducing my DH!

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possum18 · 02/04/2016 23:59

36 weeks pregnant with twins and I look like a space hopper Grin
We've been having regular sex and been very light hearted about our struggles until about 2 weeks ago, when it became apparent that the logistics aren't great with this huge bump.

Been super horny all week and keep hinting to DH but the poor bloke has looked terrified when I've mentioned it.
I have a very high sex drive and know once the twins arrive we won't have much time to even think about sex..

We decided tonight to have one last date night before the babies come, so went for a swanky dinner, I'm thinking tonight's the night Wink!
Got home and snuck off to the bathroom and struggled into put on my sexiest underwear that fits, went back into the bedroom to find DH fast asleep Grin I don't know whether to laugh or cry, either way I probably look ridiculous in this outfit.

Any tips to seduce DH into having super unsexy relations with a giant pregnant lady!?

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Eekaman · 04/04/2016 02:43

I genuinely wish you luck, I found it very off putting when Mrs Eek was heavily pregnant and I know that a lot of male friends felt the same way with their partners. And yet you guys are still horny, one of natures cruel tricks I guess. Anyhoo, your hubby is probably just stockpiling some sleep as he knows thats going to be in short supply soon :) Good luck with the babies, twins would be great, but blooming hard work.

bananapeanut · 04/04/2016 03:09

What was off putting Eekaman?

BackToTheCaveman · 04/04/2016 07:12

I was the same as Eek, (long time ago,) but I guess it was the fear of causing Mrs Caveman discomfort. Because to ddt it becomes quite mechanical, due to mobility issues.

If I were you (in a light hearted way) I would say to DH (something along the lines of) "listen darling, my hormones are all over the place, I am horny as fuck. You are just going to have to take one for the team and sort me out"
This makes it light, but more importantly takes the pressure for wanting sex off his shoulders. Then it doesn't matter if it is mechanical or uncomfortable etc because he is "helping you out" so to speak.

possum18 · 04/04/2016 07:12

It's okay, I'd sort of accepted that we had hit our wall and it wouldn't be happening for a while, we did well to carry on as long as we did. would have been nice to give it one last go is all - go out with a bang, so to speak GrinWink

OP posts:
DevonshireCat · 05/04/2016 08:21

His loss, I guess, a great shame as it's not something that you can easily enjoy again.

Eekaman · 20/04/2016 23:19

Sorry for the late reply Banana,

it was the whole, body entirely changed / the morph from being a lover to a mother / scared of damaging the baby... It was just off putting, the woman you love literally changing before your eyes into an entirely different type of person.

I found it difficult, thats all.

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