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Shy and inexperienced man so how come

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Elfinfeatures · 04/01/2016 15:00

..He is so bloody amazing in bed?? We've been seeing each other on and off for a while gradually working up to intimacy. He confessed for his age (35) he has little experience. By which I understand not a virgin but no lothario either. He is a good looking guy but insecure about his looks not sure why. Anyway we DTD for the first time recently and he ws bloody amazing, by far and away the best sex I have ever had. Errm but how did he get that good if he has only had sex a few times? I can't see what would motivate him to lie though?

OP posts:
TheCountessofFitzdotterel · 04/01/2016 15:02

Because he's making an effort? And communicating well, or picking up on your signals about what works for you?

Whoknewitcouldbeso · 04/01/2016 15:03

Lucky cow lol 😋

ivykaty44 · 04/01/2016 15:07

Some men put a woman's needs first and others...we'll don't

It doesn't matter how many DPS you've had if you are selfish in bed you will always be crap.

If though you listen to woman in all situations, either workmates, relationships and really listen then you will begin to understand what makes a woman happy in bed, between the sheets.

You don't have to have many DPS to be amazing in bed

Plus you may both have clicked with how you both want and feel when DTD

Elfinfeatures · 04/01/2016 16:22

These responses all now make a lot of sense. He is a really caring lover, listens amd definitely prioritises a womans pleasure. He just kept going on before about how inexperienced he was and how he was shy and probably useless in bed my expectations weren't exactly high. But bloody hell...speechless..amazing...out of this world.. you get the picture

OP posts:
happyinherts · 04/01/2016 16:24

Oh Elf if ever there needed to be a 'like' button here. :)

Francescal88 · 04/01/2016 16:26

I've found it helps when you just 'click' with a partner too. You're a lucky ladyWink

Eekaman · 04/01/2016 21:21

Eflin - well done on your lucky outcome. Although I always thought to get good sex, one must give good sex; the more one puts in, the more reward one gets, which is true in so many aspects of life. Either way, hope you two carry on having fun and it all goes well. :)

ivykaty - well done for telling us that ''in all situations'' us poor stupid men must be instructed and guided by women. Got to love such equality in your world. :/

naughtyjezebel · 05/01/2016 22:34

The best lover I ever had was am 18 year old who had only had one girlfriend before. He was selfless, sexy and imaginitive. Some people are just good lovers. Thoughtfulness is more crucial in bed than experience imho

ivykaty44 · 06/01/2016 20:59

Eek you have read something that isn't written in my post. I certainly don't want woman to instruct men or guided men and it wasn't what I wrote.

Sadly I fear you have completely misconstrued what I have written

All situations, opposed to in bed

If though you want it to be somehow a sexist comment go right ahead.

Fyi in my world men and woman are equal

But a couple of men have shared with me that when they have listened to what woman have said in all situations they have gleened information that has made them more aware of what is good sexually - they were both great lovers. They both activley listened in a very distinct way.

YouAreMyRain · 06/01/2016 21:03

It's not about experience, it's about attitude.

My BF is interested in giving me sexual pleasure. He is interested in sex and has read lots of articles etc and after only having had a few orgasms where the man has done "all the work" over the last ten years, my new BF succeeded in giving me orgasms by himself twice in one night. GrinGrin

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