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Unsensitive breasts

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Redhotknickers · 16/12/2015 17:09

Anyone else lost the sensation in their nipples / breasts since breastfeeding? I fed dc1 for 1.5yrs & dc2 for 1yr. That was 15yrs ago now & can barely feel it when dh plays with my nipples now, ditto the breasts. It's still broadly pleasurable to be touched there now but more like plain massage rather than the tingly 'Oooh' I used to feel pre-kids. Anyone else the same?

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flanjabelle · 16/12/2015 17:09

Yep same here.

Redhotknickers · 16/12/2015 18:21

Xmas Sad oh great....

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SomedayMyPrinceWillCome · 16/12/2015 18:34


WallyBantersJunkBox · 16/12/2015 20:44

Yes but I was very sensitive before and it was irritating, now I can stand a good old hard almost turn them inside out suck and I enjoy it much more.

Try turning the intensity up?

PrimeDirective · 16/12/2015 22:14

Mine are more sensitive - and my boobs got bigger

ThreeRuddyTubs · 17/12/2015 08:04

Mine are the same and I've never had kids so no breastfeeding g. That's just how they are so if a bloke is kissing I just can't really feel it!

pocketsaviour · 17/12/2015 11:32

Mine have always been like that and I haven't given birth. I guess everyone's just different.

I only realised it was unusual when I was reading an article from someone who had had a mastectomy and reconstruction. She said "The skin now is not sensitive - less sensitive than the skin on my legs." And I was like eh? My legs are WAY more sensitive than my boobs. I can feel the tickle of a stray cat hair on my shin, whereas a bloke would be playing the bongos on my chest before I'd notice.

Writerwannabe83 · 18/12/2015 22:56

I can't feel anything, they are completely numb to any touch.

snozzlemaid · 19/12/2015 21:00

Mine have always been unsensitive. Breast fed two babies but just the same as they've always been.
I don't like it one bit. I want to love dp sucking them, but does nothing for me.

Gatekeeper · 19/12/2015 21:04

mine are unsensitive as well and it does absolutely bog all for me when dh "plays the bongos on them" Grin

Gatekeeper · 19/12/2015 21:05

they always have been like this though- def NOT an erogenous zone

Quatrefoil · 19/12/2015 21:33

Mine were way too sensitive before. Any direct stimulation to my nipples felt painful.

Had my babies. Breastfeeding was excruciating at first but I persevered and it got easier. Breastfed more or less continuously for 7 years. Nobody but my babies were allowed anywhere near my nipples during that time.

Stopped breastfeeding. Ditched H, got a new man. First time went for my nipples, I was about to stop him with the 'too sensitive' line but then Holy Fuck! I had never in my life felt anything quite that good before.

Yes, breastfeeding made them less sensitive, but for me, in a REALLY good way.

It's been a revelation. I've discovered my nipples in my forties.

Bambambini · 22/12/2015 21:26

Don't think they've ever been an erogenous zone for me. Couldn't care less about them.

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