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I miss sex!

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OohMrDarcy · 28/10/2015 20:51

My marriage ended last september - and was hardly full of sex before that... I'm now divorced, and feeling better about myself and my life. I'm losing weight (which was definitely needed!)

I just miss sex! I'm not ready for a relationship, nor am I into ONS or anything like that but my god I miss it...... Blush Hmm Grin

OP posts:
Nevergoingtolearn · 28/10/2015 21:48

Get yourself a friend with benefits Smile

Vanillaswirl · 29/10/2015 18:58

Muddy matches or something should sort that out Grin

OohMrDarcy · 29/10/2015 20:04

dare I ask?!

OP posts:
Truckranger · 27/12/2015 11:34

Me and my wife not had sex for the last 6 months , it's not that I don't it's totally her , from
Bad head, to tied , stays up at night just to watch film so she don't have to come to bed , getting fed up now any help please

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