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Can not stop thinking about sex! Help!

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desperateofYork · 26/09/2015 12:39

I've never felt like this before! I seperated from my husband four months ago and I haven't shared a bed, a kiss or anything else with him or anyone since. But I can not stop thinking about sex - no desire for him left though. It feels all consuming. I feel like I'm on heat! Sex with anyone else is pretty much off the agenda as still living with ex and we've agreed not to see anyone else while we're still together. Apart from the obvious, what can I do? Sorting myself out isn't really satisfying - going out of my mind! It's not just the orgasm I'm craving - it's the lusty kissing and touching and bodies pressed up against each other and all that wot I haven't had in years! Help! Grin

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desperateofYork · 26/09/2015 12:42

Oral sex... Omg. Haven't had that in three years probably. Sad

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travellinglighter · 26/09/2015 13:22

Yep that’s about right. Nothing pumps up the libido better than divorce. You’re single, go out, pick someone and get on with it.

coffeebrewer · 27/09/2015 10:53

get out there and have some fun, i know i would be

desperateofYork · 27/09/2015 17:23

Glad to hear this is normal! Smile I'm not feeling very confident at the moment. My marriage also made me fat - I need to sort that out then get out there I think.

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fieldfare · 27/09/2015 17:49

Totally normal. I had an awesome year once I'd moved out of the house exh and I had shared and into my own.
Online dating was a revelation and I ended up with a couple of people that I saw a few times a week. Needs met, no commitments, no hassle. Bloody liberating!

Nevergoingtolearn · 27/09/2015 21:11

I was the same after splitting from dh, I have to admit that I just went out and got some, it's not hard to find men willing to help you out Wink

My sex life with dh was rubbish, once a month if we could be bothered and then it was rubbish, I get it more often now I'm single. I have met people online and by going out ( meeting up with old friends ).

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