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Glass - top tips?

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Joycey29 · 14/08/2015 16:33

So having followed the advice of another thread on this topic I have invested in a lovely glass dildo from love honey.
A little nervous of using it as have fear of shattering it..... Any advice - tips etc....Confused

OP posts:
sminkypinky · 14/08/2015 17:47

I love glass and have a few. All of the ones I got from Lovehoney came with pouches for storage, if yours didn't I'd probably buy one to stop it hitting other things directly. I've never had any breaks/chips in mine, afaik they are made from toughened glass so aren't too fragile.

As for tips, glass is great for using at cold temperatures, try putting it in cold water before using it Smile

UnsolvedMystery · 15/08/2015 15:38

They are incredibly strong, solid glass, so they can't break easily.
Temperature play can be a lot of fun - I like it warmed. A mug of hot water is all you need (just make sure you check the temperature of the glass before you put it anywhere delicate!

Zeitgeistic · 15/08/2015 15:45

Don't worry about them breaking! The lovehoney ones are made from toughened glass so will not break easily. Store in a satin pouch to keep it clean and prevent nicks.

They are great for temperature play. Pop in the freezer for a few minutes before using or use a glass of warm water to heat it up (check the temperature with your hand before you insert it!)

Otherwise treat it as you would any other dildo.


Joycey29 · 15/08/2015 19:05

Thanks - looking forward to testing it out Grin

OP posts:
CloserToFiftyThanTwenty · 15/08/2015 19:13

Are you suggesting the OP needs a penis beaker, Zeitgeistic? Wink Grin

Zeitgeistic · 15/08/2015 19:14

Grin closer

Joycey29 · 15/08/2015 21:47
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