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Casual sex and condoms

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GotToFTFO · 22/07/2015 16:10

Gah had written it all out and lost it.

Basically as the title suggests I'm single and basically asking for some advice.

Blush I don't get wet with condoms it's manageable but totally kills the experience for me.
Is it me or the condoms?
Anyone else experience this and found anything that works?

I don't want to go bareback obviously with STD risks etc I'm not having a lot of sex at the moment but want to know what I can do about this problem.

OP posts:
WallyBantersJunkBox · 22/07/2015 18:18

I'd say you need to keep some lubricant to hand for PIV.

Are you the one choosing the condoms? I used to when I used them, then I could choose one that was sensitive, that I preferred and that had a safe use by date.

GotToFTFO · 22/07/2015 19:56

Tbh I haven't got much experience with Condoms as spent a long time in long term relationships and sorted my own contraception meaning we didn't use them.

I should Definetly look into the different types as i dont think the regular agree with me at all, keep em handy but don't imagine I will be carrying lube about just incase I get lucky Grin

Great point about the use by date too I never thought of that!

OP posts:
LBOCS · 22/07/2015 20:01

You can get sachets of lube which you can keep in your bag with the condoms. Also, some condoms have lubricant on them already.

If you're finding that you're sore or itchy after using them, you may be sensitive to latex or spermicide. A necessary evil when having casual sex unfortunately :)

GotToFTFO · 22/07/2015 20:08

Better carry canestan for the itch too then Grin. Thanks for the replies I will go with looking into my own brands to carry and a little sachet is not a bad idea.

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bodenbiscuit · 22/07/2015 20:12

I feel the same about you re: condoms. I had a very unfortunate experience in the last year. I was seeing someone casually and I cut him off for about 6 months. Then I went back and saw him again and he grilled me loads about the possibility that I might have something. And then he gave ME chlamydia after promising me that he had recently been tested and he was clean.

So, you can't trust anyone really. In a relationship at least you can both go to the GUM clinic together and get sorted. It's horrible to find out you have caught something.

GotToFTFO · 22/07/2015 20:21

Iv never caught anything thankfully but I did still get tested randomly through my relationships while I was getting contraception or had a really bad recurring thrush.
I doubt il be banging left right and centre and will use condoms every time as you say don't trust that they are clean even if they don't know.

I'm more paranoid about pregnancy even though I have the coil so virtually impossible if double protecting.

OP posts:
spicyfajitas · 23/07/2015 20:14

Yes lubricant is the closest to our own healthy ph. It's also possible to get none latex condoms and I don't think any have spermicide these days as the commonly used one - nonoxynol-9 was not good stuff at all and outlawed.

Straightjacketneeded · 23/07/2015 20:16

Water based lube is your best bet and durex real feel condoms.

GotToFTFO · 23/07/2015 21:48

Fab thanks guys, I just ordered so durex elites apparently they are really good with extra lube and no spermicide.
God knows when I will get to actually use them but at least they are there Grin

OP posts:
VernonGodLittle · 24/07/2015 04:09

Give Durex Real Feel or Mates Skyns a go.

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